Sense and sensibility in Shanghai Dragon

Japanese read a book "sense and sensibility" Jane · Austen, described in the book: all the people of the world, in any transaction and management guidelines will judge starting from the 2 aspects of reason and sensibility. So is our Shanghai dragon how perceptual rational combination of Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon. Ningbo Shanghai Longfeng daily post also talk about some of their own experiences and opinions.

: the meaning and reason of Shanghai dragon perceptual relative, refers to the development of things according to the law of dealing with natural evolution principle to consider the attitude, consider and deal with things not impulsive, not by the feeling of doing things.

but others say emotional will lose sense of injury, too rational will lose a lot of opportunity and cause regret, as a successful Shanghai dragon Er rational >

foreign Shanghai dragon industry started earlier since the development is also very mature, in the most developed Internet america. There are many small organizations or individuals through the combination of Shanghai Longfeng rules for a lot of different site data, make accurate judgement for the noble baby latest algorithm. As a "ashes" level of Shanghai Longfeng, rational elements occupy Shanghai Longfeng mainstream part, they experienced all kinds of strong wind and big waves of search engine, they face the love Shanghai pluck, convulsions, menstrual time run amuck. They know how to face the adjustment, rational analysis to find out the reasons and corresponding solutions; they know do not rely on, do not rely on, do not rely on love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon head with both hands to perform.


, along with the rapid development of Internet technology, as one of the most important product of the Internet search engine, but also a high frequency of its machine making adjustment. Each search engine adjustment Shanghai dragon industry will lift, or a Starving people fill the land. or joy. There are many breeds of Shanghai dragon Er analysis Chinese Shanghai Longfeng industry pointed out that now the Shanghai dragon Er, or for a more perceptual to rational Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon growth stage, in the experience of website optimization in the process of data change radically for many diseases in Shanghai Longfeng do good treatment, some people will be confused for answers on my by love Shanghai, to optimize the process of just relying on the feeling, feeling so much the chain and content should be ranked up, feel this two days update snapshot should be very hard to normal, I feel the optimization are competitors website fortunately, certainly when the next update, the ranking will certainly better than him…… Such examples be too numerous to enumerate. The perceptual judgment of Shanghai dragon, based on how to optimize the foundation, the use of relevant data, the accurate search engine adjustment factors to be more scientific in Shanghai Longfeng this is Shanghai Dragon King.

: Shanghai dragon with basic perceptual perceptual sensory cognition, by personal feelings, deep thinking and decision is not basic to the first impression to make judgment.

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