Thinking that change Shanghai dragon is not your imagination

2, thinking. Shanghai dragon is different from other industries, low starting point, is not only the need of the technology, more important is the personal thinking and understanding. Able to view each with unique vision. For example, the daily hot events, more people are using, and you can use them to

Shanghai dragon? "Hefei: Shanghai dragon enterprise, what you do is Shanghai dragon?" this article also details, do Shanghai Longfeng what can bring what traffic or customers? But more friends just do rankings and greatly enhance the flow. The ultimate goal is the Shanghai dragon bring customers more. The difference between traditional marketing is that it belongs to the "pull marketing", the audience is more independent of contact products, and as long as the keyword analysis, potential customers will be more accurate. Compared with the traditional "push marketing" to obtain the probability of turnover.

3, a master hand’s first small display. Technology + faith + thinking ability, which has three points, can try to do some small projects. This is not about some theory, to be practical.

, a part of Shanghai dragon er

three, how to change, to become "Shanghai dragon Master"

in misunderstanding

Shanghai dragon Er does not understand, Shanghai dragon in the end be able to play what role. Just to do rankings, thinking that as long as the ranking is up, the money comes naturally. In addition also highlights the many enterprises do words simply stand useless words, meaningless (keywords most Shanghai Longfeng Er are pre selected customers, but he can know how many keywords?). More and more Internet companies to instill the employees are the chain and content, the bulk of the operation that they think Shanghai dragon is no fun, as long as the list go, pure operation work, and migrant workers is. These are part of the status quo of Shanghai dragon er.

, 1 confidence. This is a promising industry, Shanghai dragon day into the hundreds of There are plenty of people who do. Not a lot of product technology Shanghai Longfeng Taobao Er operation of passenger items, income is also very good.

"Shanghai dragon is also so thing, do the chain, send content. Is the end of every day looking at the change in rank. Other top up, maintenance, and completion." This is the stage most of Shanghai dragon Er do the daily work, get a monthly salary is less than ordinary migrant workers. Two years ago, stone tea party, an article "Sishu Le Le Sishu: we do not network migrant workers" so far, the majority of Shanghai dragon er or maintain the status quo, wandering in this. Breakthrough the bottleneck, Shanghai dragon Er need to know or understand the following:

What is the purpose of

this article just want to just enter the Shanghai dragon industry friends work, Shanghai dragon industry is actually can make a lot of money, do not look shallow, learn techniques when >

two, understand the purpose and advantages of Shanghai dragon

Change ?

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