The related definitions of love and the role of sitemap xml sitemap in Shanghai

love Shanghai sitemap protocol:


, sitemap and Never mind search rankings.

love the definition of sitemap:

The sitemap protocol is

love of Shanghai submitted data, do not guarantee crawling and indexing all. However, we will use the sitemap data to understand the structure of the website information, which can help us improve our crawling strategies, and in the days after the better able to crawl on the site.

by reading the relevant introduction love Shanghai we can know the effect of sitemap.xml mainly consists of two aspects:

sitemap (the site map) is a list of all pages on your site. Create and submit sitemap help love Shanghai discover and understand all the web pages on your site, including the traditional way to grab Haitong love may not find ". You can also use sitemap to provide other information about your site, such as the date of last update update frequency of sitemap file, etc., for the love of Shanghai spider.

In addition, and SitemapShanghai

1, help us website

love Shanghai love Shanghai support web page included standard webmaster web pages can be made into URL standard sitemap file, for content and processing error information guide love Shanghai search engine fast and comprehensive grasp and update website. XML file format sietmap love Shanghai supports the standard sitemap and text format of the sitemap file, if you have multiple sitemap files, you can also use the sitemap index file. Each sitemap file can contain up to 50000 URLs, and should be less than 10MB (10485760 bytes). We support UTF-8 encoding and GBK encoding files.

so we should read love Shanghai related knowledge, make our website with the search engine optimization reasonable standard.

often met in the network people consult sitemap.xml what role? Then today Luoyang Shanghai dragon is simple for everyone in the analysis of knowledge point about the role of sitemap.xml

To set up and operate right after the

2, make the search engine more understanding of your website (at the same time we should pay attention to the file in the weight setting)

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