What are the common methods of medical website optimization

web site to establish channel flat hierarchies:

" positioning website keywords, I do site is a Yulin male, want to know a friend can log into see.

Site map: The front page of 2 "

in the "Chinese medicine added related picture link which is more conducive to search spider crawling and interpretation


page (usually long tail keywords and phrases in the form of questions as the title of the article, in the medical industry in the long tail keywords in the medical industry were relatively high conversion rate)

2. website links to spread the weight

I have engaged in the medical industry of Shanghai dragon for 3 years, in these 3 years, Baidu continue to launch and adjust the new algorithm, let us the bitter of the Shanghai dragon, miserable, (a few years ago stand and do optimization, ranking will be rising very fast, the corresponding conversion comparison of course, high) relevant experience learned in the past few years, out today to share.

medical website, at the beginning of planning, planning and design corresponding themselves according to the characteristics of hospital,

main keywords (general hospital industry is the hospital brand word + word + corresponding word word)



4.Through the establishment of the

summarizes several points: 1. the overall site color collocation, male light light based, with warm color (such as: gynecological station pink light red, purple)

can jump out of the link and repeat site can be shielded using nofollow tags.

sitemap can better let the spider grab.



is the last of the original, the medical industry write to write to the several articles, how to write high quality articles? Want to know friends can log in Yulin gynecological hospital 贵族宝贝3286666贵族宝贝/ this paper starting at A5 station, welcome to reprint, please attach the link, finally thanks to the A5 platform. Thank you

3. Site Description:

According to the content of

"1" site planning and Design:

1. web site on the home page, an indispensable breadcrumb navigation.

channel page (usually + + + treatment of disease symptoms cause harm + English)


"3" should pay attention to the other website:




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