The site should be how to break the traffic bottleneck

but a little competitive.

in the previous two we have analyzed our present industry users what is the dominant demand and implicit demand, following this step we can call the enemy, we analyze whether the same industry site for the user to meet the explicit demand in the content, if the same industry website has not meet the user’s explicit demand that we the website of opportunity is quite large, some general machinery industry user demand is the most dominant are not satisfied.

implicit demand starting from the industry customers’extrinsic need more to think about and extend, even with us for a more in-depth understanding of the industry, for example, we search for decoration, will find the love of Shanghai down the search box, decoration effect diagram Daquan 2013 pictures in the front row, we analysis the decoration industry the user’s explicit demand is a rigid demand for renovation renderings, but the stealth requirement is for a user needs time and integrity of the image, whether the time is the latest 2013 picture, complete aspect of user needs is a set of pictures, pictures can contain a variety of rooms, apartment layout (living room, kitchen, horizontal, etc.) when the user did not add the word corpus of the search results and did not meet the needs of the user, so the user will To add search daquan. (Figure


implicit demandWe need

two, compared with rival

1. user’s explicit demand


, a study on the needs of industry users

1. sites to meet the needs of analysis

each of our website when keywords ranking up, website traffic is relatively maintained at a level, sometimes the flow may be more than we expected when the site traffic will be worse, we even if we do some conventional optimization in our flow is still in a state of traffic bottlenecks may be a problem in some later website frequently encountered, we of the site and grasp the overall and we will make our site traffic into the bottleneck for the positioning of your site, we need to think about the search engine in the same industry, why give us more traffic?, what is our advantages and disadvantages. We need to think to find and solve problems in order to make the site into a new level of flow, today to share a few To solve the traffic bottleneck strategy.

is not only our industry users, what we do things in daily life, there are explicit demand, in our website optimization which is, what is the user search keywords to the user through the search keywords the most obviously wants to get is what content, these represent our industry users the explicit demand, this point as a Shanghai dragon for each industry user must grasp their dominant demand.

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