Three step all the keywords within a day occupation of Shanghai love home

I am a novice webmaster, not what the Shanghai dragon advanced technology, only know some basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon, has not been previously done business website, I make a website but before the next day, all the keywords on the home page, and there are a number of index more than 300 keywords are the top three.

, must be a "good old domain", if it is a punishment, that is a tragedy, may do to do home. This is why I say the first step, in order to use more at ease, the first step we can raise their own a ranking of the domain name, and then use the time. Of course, you can also go directly to the domain name registrar to buy, with some conventional sentence >

is the most basic, but also on the same network "Shanghai dragon tutorial" — "the chain for the emperor, content is king". For the content, I suggest newbies when the website weight is low, the best original update. Search engines like "love love fresh things and people, so the original article is more likely to be included, it is easier to be reproduced, reproduced with means of" potential chain". For the chain, the commonly used method of cultivating large quantities of BSP blog visits, (love Shanghai space), forum signature, forum posting, submission, I recommend the submission, contribute to the success of quality is relatively high, has been recognized by others, the forward is very considerable.

statement: this method is in love Shanghai index below 500 keywords, the index more than 500 words, and I have not tried.

The first step of Note that the

about some nonsense, is unlikely for a new heaven home, after all the love Shanghai as well as the study period". Tell me what you please be patient to see the second step

second. I said one day the website keyword on the home page, a lot of people will scold me is the title of the party, scold me cheat flow, the reason is very simple: "the love of Shanghai is more than a day, not to mention many competitors". Yes, here is the crux of the problem, how to make our "new" get an on-line love Shanghai approval? Let us website how to win at the starting line? Now many parents pay attention to fetal education, I want to say is "our website also needs fetal education". Said here, smart webmasters must have guessed, "with the old domain name to do".

so, I think a lot of the novice like me and said: "love is not to think about the Shanghai rankings so difficult, I used the three step strategy".

The second step:

to the good old fisherman, the chain has some foundation, love Shanghai trust index to it, so you can avoid the sandbox love Shanghai very well, if well chosen keywords, a page is definitely not what heaven. This is after I verified.

The first step of The first step of

: conventional routine

The key step for

key Shazhao

If you buy

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