Examples of important popular word station bench thinking

: a case of enterprise station was drop right, the company difficult

the company in the market in addition to Changsha intensive and meticulous farming, Internet business, the industry has also brought a lot of acquaintances. However, to enter the Xinjiang market, because the life of sparse, business is heavily dependent on the Internet, rely on search engines. However, one day in April, the company website is down right, enjoy Shanghai traffic sources, the company suddenly disconnected.

website optimization of the enterprise stand the best professional maintenance, secondly, is the replacement station and flow sources. Otherwise, the site was K, no traffic sources have no business, the whole company will fall into the bottom of it.

Case two:

relay station make business doubled

no business, companies such as a non oil engine, the whole of Xinjiang were suddenly thrown into passivity. With only a few Xinjiang branch technicians, a few months after the website ranking is still not restored, Changsha headquarters had temporarily removed Xinjiang branch.

Case description:

I met Changsha a security company, because the company contact business 08 years earlier, on the last line of the company’s website. Thanks to the real estate of the hurricane Mengjin, the company ushered in its development in the spring. Once only 4 people in the company, the development has Nanning, Xinjiang, Zhuzhou, Wuhan and other employees of the company 20. From 2008 to early 2012, the company ushered in the golden period of its development. Later, because of the security monitoring industry competition intensifies, and the shrinking of the market, the company reduced to less than 10 people, but the company still exists.



can be seen from the figure, the master csweimin. Cn Changsha website these words a good position, but only the network still do 5 reserve master station, to share the risk is down right. The relief station were csweimin com and CN anjau, com cssuihe com, csjtit, com etc.. Of course, these stations, in addition to having backup station value, but also optimize different keywords, such as "Changsha marketing website, Changsha website" etc.. Secondly, the only people also do some niche sites, risk diversification potential master is right down, "

website optimization or network marketing, we often say that flow through multiple channels. The concept of 90% domestic Internet enterprises station traffic sources is single, relying heavily on the search engine. At present, the PC side, love Shanghai alone big situation in the short term will not shake, enterprises on the drainage in addition to multiple channels, the relay station of thinking is very important. This paper analyzes several cases, have certain reference significance.

as Changsha website construction company counterparts – the only people network, although the station ranked strong, but still a rainy day, do a lot of sub station.

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