Bidding and optimization of medical network promotion is necessary at the same time

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How much is a value of IP Hospital of

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I take a simple example, for example, we found the "Beijing people hospital", in Ji’nan local display results I prevail:


said the medical website optimization, most insiders may be that optimization is not necessary, so difficult to do much good, direct investment bidding. I think that some people have two things in common:

some people say do medical station optimization, buy the chain is a large sum of money every month, and do the medical station optimization is seemingly the most expensive cost of the chain, is it really

optimization data from my hands, first is the keyword:

is trans:

health promotion in addition to love Shanghai auction, the most popular now is probably the source of news, the two level domain (level two, 39 directory) like health network hard wide, etc. this kinds of website optimization. Then most of the hospital network to do the main news source and the two level domain name, this I can’t say no, because we are doing, but also has a little effect, of course, the premise is to burn a lot of each month.

second is now the medical optimization how likely do?

area of everybody clear



below will use examples to express my views.

can see from chart ranking first is independent website, we take a look at his chain.

compared to the previous several ways, many diseases may have been the site optimization to give up, the main reason is nothing more than difficult, often K, a waste of time. If the Contracting Department, then I think you can abandon the optimization, many departments do 123 years after the change is often the case; if it is the hospital, I suggest to continue to do site optimization, the first is to do long-term brand; second is to optimize the cost of bidding or news sources like. It is a drop in the bucket, especially can not do the bidding of disease, so it is; third is the site optimization work would decrease bidding cost. Now the medical bidding cost about single IP also the lowest in more than twenty or thirty yuan, according to the most simple algorithm, assuming the optimization of station every day 100IP, the equivalent of every month to save the cost of 6W (100X20X30=).

is the first of what they do is disease can push love Shanghai bidding, that is to say they don’t know there are so few cannot push bidding diseases, such as tumor, hepatitis B, epilepsy, vitiligo and diabetes……


Then They think ? The

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