Hong Tao after the revision of the website how to make Shanghai Longfeng optimization

? operation!

we have contact with the site can be divided into two types: new and old web site. Today we talked about since the revision, it is certainly refers to the old site! If more fine is do not meet the conditions of the old Shanghai dragon website, must conduct revision reconstruction. Here Hongshou recommend two comparison value see article: how to make new love Shanghai fast included and the enterprise website how to do Shanghai


said the revision to the first concept, our concept of mind is to do a website, but also with the old domain name domain name. Indeed, only our revision of the conditions are: website design style does not conform to the structure of the customer, industry website does not comply with the Shanghai Phoenix, site URL is too complex with many parameters generally refers to {URL} and so on, according to the several problems, there will be one time Hongshou targeted to discuss today. We mainly talk about how to do, after the revision of the website of Shanghai dragon

wants to retain two general conditions: one is the original site for survival is a pure static HTML pages, of course, this is the best we can get, the original of these pages all HTML files saved to the original path. URL page second is dynamic, we can put the original article URL recorded, then the content sent to the new website, the URL address of the original 301 to the new URL, of course, this approach is only applicable to the website information is not the site (such as the small business station, personal blog). If is a large site over a thousand, it is impossible for this operation. If it is second, that it is necessary to take a look at the following

, I believe many of my friends are not familiar with 404 pages, when access "error, a jump page, tell visitors the wrong, let him continue to start browsing from the web page. The purpose of doing so is to let the flow, do not directly drain, so can prompt visitors to re visit, there is a role that the spider from the 404 page back to the web page crawling new content, so as to reduce the site’s jump out rate PV and improve user experience of the website. This 404 page, it is very necessary to do for a revision of the website (404 pages is very good > on the spider

1, as much as possible to retain the original URL address

2, to the site to do a 404 error page

optimizationIt may move to the

revision of the original program, and may even be the site of the program to replace all. If so, it will cause a lot of dead links before the search engine included the contents of the corresponding URL all cannot access. If this is the way to operate, it may cause the consequence is that the site is down right, serious will be a short time K station (included will be deleted). Then some above will appear as possible, how can we operate to minimize the risk of

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