4 tell you good Shanghai Longfeng optimal control quality basic degree

based user experience optimization basic point.

with web page open speed said, is actually a very important point of site stability. But the site stability here, including something more broad and diverse, from another point of view. Including the server stability, the stability of the program, template stability, content update stability and link building stability.

The stability is 2 of the website,

although we can use love Shanghai statistics or webmaster tools to detect the page opening speed, but stability is not comprehensive inspection to the website. But the important point is also the site open speed stability, stability is good if the score more than 85 points in that. At present, the Internet also some test site stability of small software, but is based on the detection speed of web access. So in order to have a comprehensive understanding of the need for site stability, are the factors influencing the stability of detection.

is simply under the same conditions, pages open faster, ranking will be more in front. Because the search engine to open faster page, will give the weighted processing, increase the weight score of this page. Why? If you page open speed is 1, can save users time and cost, so each click on your website, you have the opportunity to read the content of the website, which is equivalent to your website to vote for users.

code is beyond our control, but if the page code is too much chaos, it will seriously affect the search engine spiders crawl on the site quality and efficiency. Therefore in the construction site, the need for page code to streamline and rationalize the set. If JSCSS is too complex, can be.

3, the code for the page too complex.

but you open web page time if more than 8 seconds, I can guarantee more than 80% of users will not wait eighth seconds, will be very unhappy to turn off your website, after all, in a window off the page and the user need only 0.1 seconds, next time I see you this website, there will be no desire to click. Even if your site temporary row in the home page, if the web page is in the open long slow process, long before the ranking will be dropped out of the top three pages, even beyond 100.

usually when judging the quality of the web page, and on the basis of the factors should be considered a lot, but the most important is nothing but some, such as the page title, page layout, navigation arrangement, inside chain settings and content quality etc.. But if the experience of optimization from the user’s point of view, you can from another angle to explain the quality control problem of the page. Hunan Jian Shanghai Longfeng to control the quality of the page, comprehensive statistics after divided into two basic degrees.

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, the 1 page open speed.

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