Case analysis wedding photography station how to enhance the user experience

in addition to flash on JS, CSS merger, each JS will increase the number of page rendering thus affecting the speed of opening, the flash made the station is very redundant, only home to do.

customer service annoying popups


, a streamline function to enhance the rate of

when you are a beautiful wedding attracted suddenly an advisory pop-up window is so very angry, for the website pop-up ads do not use this is likely to make you lose the customer. The right side of the site has a large customer service window and no close button, affecting the normal user browsing content. Don’t be afraid of the user can not find you, as long as the content of your website to meet his needs, he will try to contact you and not try to let others come in direct consumption.


three, cheating function carefully

wedding photography casually open a website home page navigation site is clean and not redundant, not just home and use the round exhibition map is a flash I open home for nearly ten seconds, five seconds for general users is very irritated if the user’s network speed is very slow and so he probably can’t wait to open your web page to browse other website, so the pages open speed is one of the most basic and core competitiveness. Five pictures below the Flash button is not the mouse moved to the top of automatic transformation is the need of human click, it will increase the user’s search cost.


recently in a niche for wedding photography station optimization, the release of some exchange chain information so many people with my QQ and I exchange chain on the Internet, but I write very clearly at PR, do not look at the weight, not included, do not look at the anti chain, just look at the content and user station experience, although I do not very good but a lot better than most web sites today, so want to borrow a case and the vast majority of the webmaster to share my wedding photography wedding photography for the type of website to enhance the user experience of the view.


automatic rolling this is really annoying, you may is a good idea to show the rich content to increase the page turns, but you ignore a problem, that is when the picture turned after the user to see the pictures before to turn it again before they can do such a function to the left and right sides of a user can drag the arrow function independently increased by >

wedding photography website most types have a common problem is a bit slow, because of the big picture pixel HD which leads to the page loading speed slow, there are many sites some effects of the slower so greatly affect the user’s browsing experience. The wedding of Xi’an with a case to analyze the wedding photography website how to enhance the user experience.

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