Delete one time too much Links lead to love Shanghai review

is certainly not the theme of today, due to work, have to do a lot of things in the company every day, ranking analysis website, training employees to engage in, usually not so much time to manage their own websites, just let people every day to update the next article, slightly down the chain, after work two or three month, I went to see the website, it was found that due to update less, the snapshot is much slower, ranking also dropped, then check Links, found the chain was removed around 10, and I’ve been hanging from their friends of the chain, is really a big loss. I immediately put those removed to Links to delete, and then find the people change, but because the snapshot slow down, want to change is not too easy, but the company has several new sites to do, put the website down.

Shanghai audit experienced many times, I do some of the railway station, many will increase because of the chain to audit, so do not worry too much, the next period of time, every day to update the article, add the chain, every one to two Links own old station, not let a friend to help bring about a month time included was back, feel at ease.

so here to remind you that the weight of a chain of the site is very important, whether it is added or removed to be slowly >

Shanghai dragon also has 2,3 years, own several stations, the income is good, but is several ranking Shangcuanxiatiao, not very stable, sometimes the income of 30004000, sometimes hundreds of thousands. Half a year ago when a friend recommended me to the management of a company, at that time because I want to stabilize it, also to the management direction of development at the same time, there is a dinner on which love Shanghai, love Shanghai Shanghai dragon road down or go down, there is a retreat, but the treatment is good, just run in the past work.

In front of the

thought, that snapshot stop at last to see, that should appear in that period of time, and all that time not what big operation, should not be ah, think, think it should be the last once dismissed the 10 site of several friends of the chain of causes, also heard before, don’t delete too many friends of the chain that may lead to right down, but the chain I often delete some, but did not delete so much, so did not care too much, I didn’t think it was really out of love Shanghai.

Fortunately, I still love

second weeks time to look at the site when suddenly found no words in Google ranking, the ranking is still love Shanghai, but the snapshot is stopped at the last look at that date, a home return code IP is 200000 IP is 200064, the situation is not ah, I will go to the site web site, only the home page was collected, I carefully pondering, keywords ranking is still not right down, ah, it is pulled into the love of Shanghai audit area, update the high quality articles for a few days, found only included 1,2, should enter the review period, miserable ah, this pull in what time to come out.

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