2012 love Shanghai changing webmaster should be how to deal with the crisis

1. new year, love Shanghai to become

don’t be dull, often with a new idea to let everyone benefit, there are always new ways to help others, do yourself rich also help others, so I believe, love of Shanghai Google search will be, regardless of envy, will give you a good valuation.

3. abide by the old rules, mining new ideas

is more than three in recent months through observation, published on A5, share with you, hope to.


away from us in a long time, a lot of people in Shanghai say no competitors will be very difficult to do better, in fact, if a developer or from the operator’s point of view, who do not want their products more perfect? Love sea change must be in the new year so far a new rule of common sense, and by the new rules to improve the user experience. Our webmaster is a product manager and operation manager, and what is the reason we do not let the user experience of the website is better, so, the webmaster can be put on a look of so-called fire hot marketing means, starting from the root, improve the user experience. It consists of the identity of the user to experience the site, on the site for further rectification.

from the Spring Festival, let China millions of owners love Mr. Shanghai is mixed do not take the unusual way: updates within a week; suddenly rather baffling K station; ranking up and down… One day this can let the webmaster distressed, I recently also extremely concern changes to love Shanghai, and in accordance with the station own law summarizes the methods to deal with a few points of love Shanghai change crisis, and to share with friends.

recently, there have been a group of friends shouted to their website by K, I check my website, found that there are web sites by K, the complex of our situation, summed up several reasons: first, K is mostly Taobao customer sites, these sites basically not consider the user experience, the site is filled with a lot of garbage content; secondly, some websites are also buying links, and there are many illegal site outbound links; third, most of these sites are the framework of some Taobao customers and the JS jump, which will greatly reduce the search engine on the website of the goodwill. Although few methods station profitable, but you can see, we used several tricks to get on top? So, change the way of thinking, do it, do fine, is the best solution.

what is the old rules, that is the webmaster circle the most popular pet phrase, the content is king, the chain for the emperor. Frequently update for the website is like a person often rich himself, he will be more rich, more love and trust of others at the same time, the chain continued steady growth as people concern and respect more and more people, then people, (website) who would not love

Although Google

2. love Shanghai king, K station

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