Also said that the power of Web rank inexhaustible

recently read an article title "original content is" inexhaustible power rankings, look after the benefits, but it is very good for a place mentioned in the website "Links is almost 0, only included dozens of original articles, or even less, the snapshot is not updated every day." but in Shanghai the first home firmly love wonder. The Shanghai dragon Er understand that a web site on the original light content is difficult to obtain ranking, must also have strong support the chain. That such a only by dozens of the original article baodatianxia site is how to do it? I can’t help wondering, the search engine is how to determine the original article must be good to recommend to its users?


above is just a guess, but actually touching a Shanghai dragon essence: user experience.

original content is relative to the site of the published it said, every article on the network has its source, nature also has its original site. One of the original articles often site may cause the attention of search engines, but the original content is not equal to the outstanding content, more is not equal to the recommended content. In order to verify the good or not, the search engine will do two movements, a sudden, give good rankings and then record the user clicks on the record, if it is found that users love so can determine the content is very good, give it more weight. Two, rely on external links to learn good or not, an excellent content must be the love of the visitors, these visitors will bring this site outside the chain of more and more the chain that site more popular, so also can judge the excellent content site. If there is such a website only rely on dozens of articles to win the first home, I thought the situation can this hypothesis: once a keyword ranking is a lot of the chain site, but the search engine has dozens of articles for a standing point of obsession, finally one day have the courage to recommend it to their users. This recommendation was not expected, users who search into the site all search engines did not come out, so great was the first, the only regret is that some search may be too small, not many people give this excellent site done outside the chain (recommend to others through the content), so there was a miracle: a not what the chain website ranked far higher than those with strong outside chain website

go back to just the topic, original content is not inexhaustible power rankings? The answer is very simple, original content to save the rankings, the same chain to save the ranking, save the ranking is always the user experience. The original content and the chain is only search engine to determine the degree of user experience, search engine has never said the original good (advertising time: a mink coat I stand www.aisaom.>

is not wrong, if the chain as other people recommend, search behavior as user experience, so in the first row is "others recommend a good, good user experience".

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