Do you recognize the road map site optimization can be considered

4, your business on

2, the relevant information must submit accurate


network map can help us find the enterprise, does it mean that it can help us to bring some traffic? Many owners think is feasible. So a few stationmaster his business address and information submitted to the map, this is an optimal feasible solution! In fact, if you carefully observe, you will find a map of the search term, general map occupied space is relatively large, a lot of information naturally pushed to second the page, the user’s eyes will be attracted to the map, so take the time to optimize the map can be oh


5, if is marked on the map, tag, share, search engines will be considered.

, 3 pictures, video can be a plus for the corporate image


if you want to have more marked than others, so in addition to the information submitted, you can submit the information in time, adding some pictures or video, after all users see more love than text, pictures or video. In order to give the enterprise image points, Shanghai dragon can when practitioners submit the information to move some brains

if you want the company address and other relevant information submitted to the love on the map of Shanghai, first you have to have a relevant account, it is not simply a personal account of the account, you need to search the local business center to register, so that your account has the right to submit information on the map of Shanghai in reality, love.

map as an intelligent tool by the user application more and more, even if you go to a strange city, map in hand, no longer afraid can not find a way home, of course, if you are lost, even the four corners of the world are not clear if the map function may not be too large. Hefei talent network Xiaobian found network map not only be used to guide, can help you quickly find the enterprise Oh! Next time, don’t have to worry about can not find the way for

? !Since

general, love Shanghai will require accurately submit the official name of the enterprise, if you don’t know what is the official name of the company, please take a look at your business license. Since you want to participate in the optimization, so if you can add keywords in information certainly good, but the love of Shanghai less stringent requirements, be cautious as well. In addition to the name of the enterprise to be accurate, you should also submit industry category particularly accurate, after all this is the future direction of enterprise development.

is not reflected in the map information, or use the website to participate in the rankings, Shanghai will love algorithm user traffic as the main factor in ranking, that is to say if you click on the map information is the number of times higher, so the enterprise information ranking will certainly not low! So even submitted a map. It also needs to pay attention to the click rate.

1, to submit a map, the first registered good verification,

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