Fine details of site construction site optimization


want to build a house, first everybody will think I will build a house is what look like? The house back painted drawings, and the construction site is like building a house, and the website planning relative to house construction drawings as a good site planning to site comprehensive and reasonable control. Usually the site planning mainly includes the following contents: the orientation of the website, domain name selection, site promotion website maintenance, website security and so on. Every aspect has some specific requirements. Not afraid of trouble in site planning, but also consider the problem must be comprehensive. For example, promotion of the site, many sites including the promotion way, but we must choose the corresponding location on the website promotion, this website effect can be reached.

positioning point one, clear the site, grasp the theme of the site.

in the network marketing mode of popular era, its market share is constantly expanding, website construction and optimization has been more and more attention to the enterprise. The construction site occupies more and more in the enterprise to optimize the delivery plan in proportion. The construction site optimization is very simple for the professional Shanghai dragon company. But for most of the Internet "layman", how to make a website is still a very difficult problem to solve. In fact, as long as you hold the web four steps the key you can easily build a high quality construction site construction site optimization: planning requirements, website, website construction implementation. Note today Xiaobian I combine a website construction process to me to share with you the website construction process, we hope to help.

The attention of the

note two, optimization of website construction, reasonable planning.

what is the positioning of the site? Love Shanghai encyclopedia official interpretation of the positioning of the site is the subdivision and orientation of the user groups, market share, product features, price range, default website image and status in the minds of users. The core site positioning is to find or build your site’s core differences, and then based on this difference on the minds of consumers to establish a conceptual model of brand image, a difference. A simple example is that the website and web service group brand image. How to grasp the theme of a website, we all know that a theme of the site, like a person without soul, there is no value and meaning. Establish the theme of the site is from large to small classification classification refinement layers, creating a website with website theme design concept. Many people think that the theme of the site determines the fate of the site, enough to show the importance of the site theme. To develop the theme, need to comply with the following principles: the theme of the site, the theme of the site is legally timeliness, subject to minimization. In accordance with these principles to determine the theme of the site is very necessary.

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