Excellent web site you should copy from the following details to design

second, a unique perspective, can cause controversy or sympathy. The news happens every day but can combine their own business with a unique perspective to write resonate or controversial words, this is our mind this hyperactivity, to combine their experience and for fresh content collection and finishing ability, so we usually read text writing counterparts, do not be afraid of boring and adhere to the practice, gradually we can make up for the short board in this regard. The controversial text is to inspire everyone to discuss a very important strategy caused by interaction, only in the interactive process to make their views or ideas to support.



Er is a lot of Shanghai Longfeng copy things tangled, in fact I think good copy is a need careful planning, then, since it is planning must have certain skills in writing, we clarify ideas, to outline, to support our view through each point, through a creative the idea to guide users, so we should start from the specific places?

first, little paragraph points. The author suggests that the first visually attract users attention, we can write some stories of small passages around the points to guide the user, can be development and industry related experience, industry case analysis, the industry’s successful interviews etc.. In short, a brief summary to attract users to enter the topic you want the table name.

third, enhance their language logic coherence. This point I think we must be in the language of words and sentences more efforts, the author found that now many webmaster wrote a detail that is easy to fall into the content is their own feelings and sentiment, but the reader does not buy it but feel very hard to read, since the meaning of readers can not be in-depth understanding. In fact, is their ability in language organization problems, especially their logical thinking ability, we have a lot of experience and experience, but we must know how to touch up, know how to put these boring text by Wen, humorous, clear logic to express.

fourth, to think about your writing purpose from the user’s point of view. This is the final presentation in front of our website users. So, any time in the process of writing cannot be ignored if the user exists, Shanghai dragon to allow users to feel your article is really put yourself in for the sake of users when writing, so this article has basically been successful in half, at least your text is down to earth is the heart. If your paper looks down to earth? By an interview or a form of dialogue, the reader as a friend that light communication. We will make the text deeply, we carefully feel.


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