How to use the Sohu micro blog Tencent micro blog increased the chain for the website

Use micro-blog to bring the chain a bit speculative inside

feeling now, Shanghai dragon optimization is a long process, or pay attention to long-term optimization, strengthen the construction of the chain and content, not said the chain for the emperor king, the content of it.


fourth is the NetEase micro-blog, I registered, but also not included, micro-blog and Sina may cause the same.

is now a well-known micro-blog Sina micro-blog, micro-blog, micro-blog, NetEase, Sohu, Tencent, micro-blog, so if we can use these micro-blog to increase the chain to your site where the answer is yes, the micro-blog don’t like blogs that are going to support, not to publish articles, using micro-blog high weight station, bring a the chain for your website, you can check, how specific effect.

see the screenshot below can be seen, the love of Shanghai micro-blog snapshot is 2011-5-25, although not at home, but also included.



third is now the best popular Sina micro-blog, can leave the chain which, I registered, it is also not included, Sina said micro-blog is not landing can not see micro-blog, is not so to love Shanghai which is not included, there are expected to be verified, master answer.

first said that the Sohu micro-blog, I search a website inadvertently found micro-blog, Sohu is in front, I would be the Sohu can bring to the site in the chain which, so Rongcheng harbor also registered Sohu micro-blog, registration is very simple, after the registration of the micro-blog name to use your main keyword in the registered Sohu, micro-blog, micro-blog released the two, second days, the micro-blog has been on the front page of the row fifth position, although it has not at home, but several micro-blog I sent yesterday with the website rcxxg website, today there are query chain the Sohu micro-blog. So, in general, the chain or leave the chain, of course, do not know how long can.

Rongcheng port Sohu micro-blog second days at home, but the next day the rankings to page second, now the first two pages are not, the Sohu micro-blog Shanghai dragon ranking is not too stable, but I am in a micro-blog micro-blog Sohu issued yesterday, love Shanghai also included the charge, that is that can bring the chain to the site.

second is the Tencent micro-blog, I am also in search of others website, found his website micro-blog ranked in the home, looks like the Tencent micro-blog should also be brought to the site outside the chain, so I also registered Tencent micro-blog, is also the main keyword, but why now is also not included, I do not know. Also see the micro-blog set, but it is not included, although I am not included, but the micro-blog search can be seen through the Tencent micro-blog also can bring to the site outside the chain, we can try, I also talk about who’s success.

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