How to make search engines understand your site hierarchy

from this figure, I can see that the customer or search engine will soon be able to find what they want, expressed very clearly and structure. The website structure is like a tree, see the "trunk" is home from the figure, the "branches" is the channel page, it is subdivided into branches and leaves, that is the content page, so whether browsing or love of spiders in Shanghai are clearly understand the website structure, so that the structure of the website like "tree".

web page with text links, so this site and the correlation within the chain construction will be better, so whether it is love or the customer experience of spiders in Shanghai. Is good to want to make this website like a web connected together to achieve better experience effect, reduce the rate of jump, improve customer experience.

said to be like "tree", from figure

webmaster to clear the search engine to Shanghai, now love more and more attention to the user experience, then the key local website structure also gives the customer experience. When a customer comes to your site, the page can not find the page or other pages, do not want to turn off the angry. Customer experience is not only the distribution of site structure is reasonable, and the content of the article, grasp these two points, your website is more and more big. (Shanghai dragon dish brother original) A5 first

. Why is Why

just click on seborrheic alopecia (贵族宝贝tuofa66贵族宝贝/) will jump to the home page, or from the home page can achieve channel page. For new Adsense a good opinion website link directory hierarchy is not more than 3 layers is the best.

" web site structure


, a website structure like a "tree"

mesh is easy for people to understand, to know the website we want to lay a net, then net to be solid, fish catch is not much, will not run". The website structure should be like this, so that better capture traffic, as shown in figure

two, like "

heard the title of some readers think this is tacky, said the more vulgar things, others are concerned, ha ha! See from the title, it is clear to express meaning, is to let the search engine understand your website is what the site hierarchy structure unreasonable, if the search engine can not understand, not to mention the customer can understand your meaning. So this is also the website structure accounted for a large proportion of the site structure is very clear, your site will be vulnerable to the love of spiders in Shanghai welcome, will soon be included in the content of your site.


web page with text links


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