tems and skills should be paid attention to on the website content update

update website content at the same time, the webmaster should pay attention to the following approach:

we ER Shanghai dragon in the website optimization, are generally used on the front page of the site of Shanghai dragon optimization, Bi Jing home is the first user eyes can see, so the weight is relatively much higher, in the update the content, page will display the latest content. This can take up the search engine spiders. Update the content, are generally operated in a news Corporation, in the operation of website information in this article, a lot of Shanghai dragon ER will be at the end of the main domain name and website. In fact, I think it is not the most brilliant. I think the best is full. The article is adding keywords plus the article is below the file as well. This can be combined with the content and the internal link station. May I say that some will not understand. I came to show you a demonstration effect diagram (Figure)

In the can be avoided ) this article is add at the bottom link)In the

web content when editing, it is best to see whether the site is the article.

no matter what kind of a website, even to make it infinite flow, this is not only look at the appearance of the site, but to see whether the website update is frequent. The content of the website to keep frequent updates on the website of the Shanghai dragon optimization is helpful. This has been the Shanghai dragon ER, but also every Shanghai dragon company on its own website a revelation. Their sites are constantly adding new information every day. In the Shanghai dragon company, they will have to update every frequency of your own web site, and there are many webmasters will ask the same question, how to update the website content, achieved for search engines to search? This depends on the quality of the content of the website is the truth with the growth of the original article is the same.

update website content at the same time, each ER Shanghai dragon will think if the establishment of the site of the internal links, the internal links will have a great relationship with updates. The website of the internal links design is not simply to Shanghai Longfeng purpose, it is to have a good content link structure is provided to the user, and the user experience.

, a web content repetition (avoid)

(browser URL (

I am engaged in

from the Shanghai dragon industry up to now, you understand Shanghai dragon ER countless friends. There are a lot of Shanghai dragon ER for half a year or longer not to update a website, or a renewal of hundreds, thousands of content. Of course, this content does not want to know all the others. After the update, and stay for 2-3 months to observe the occurrence of search engines, the number of articles scanty. The content of the website with links to external sites is the same reason, to gradually increase every day, even if the increase in less of the website of Shanghai dragon will be of good help.

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