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investment situation now, an obvious trend is the early investment accounted for an increasing proportion of more money to invest early, this is a macro change of capital re allocation. The famous American business incubator Y C Qasar Younis in the conference speech also proved this point, he mentioned YC venture capital fund and part of angel investment have entered the early investment.

Sino US venture capitalists and new changes: the proportion of early investment is growing,

although there are many cultural differences between China and the United States, but this does not affect the exchanges between the two sides, communication, collision and integration has been the mainstream of Sino US venture capital circle. In December 9th, 2017 in meichuang Investment Summit held in Shanghai, the United States Silicon Valley early investment and incubator industry leader Y Combinator to visit Shanghai for the first time, and Chinese heavyweight investors, entrepreneurial upstart, future unicorn, to discuss the trends, opportunities and challenges of the 2017 Sino US venture capital. Zhang Lianglun, founder of the new electricity supplier who has just announced the profitability of the new electricity supplier, was invited to the summit.

will be slightly less advertising network service is not very mature, unable to make full use of traffic to make money. But most users choose like Sina, NetEase, and other such blog hosting providers, no absolute control of blog. So the blog a month earn thousands of dollars only is most people’s wish. But a month get eighty ten pocket money or very easy.

now personal or business or is a lot of choice to build blog to meet the needs of their own, of course want to use blog to make money is far from a minority of people. In recent years, the rapid development of the blog group, like many foreign bloggers are full of the blog, they quit the work of other specialized blog at home, half of the monthly income of more than $3000. Of course, the money can only come from a blog, known as ProBlogger, he would have more than 20 blog. So whether you are a semi professional blog hosting the official blog or ordinary independent domain. Network advertising will bring you some income, this money can at least pay your Internet access fees, host cost etc..

as everyone knows, the global economy seems to be a curse, "every 7 years or so there will be an economic crisis, and now, the business circles also acquired a curse: every 3 years or so there will be a winter capital. Although the influence of Entrepreneurial Capital Circle winter brings far less serious economic crisis, but also enough to make us entrepreneurs sleepless nights. In fact, not only is the China capital business circle in winter, so also the United States, the second half of last year to the first half of this year, the United States business circle experienced a winter capital, Silicon Valley VCs to Internet start-ups attitude from sought to stop onlookers to follow up, it also makes us entrepreneurs are greatly the injury.


early investment is increasingly valued by investors as "original"

The current situation of our domestic source: welcome to reprint, please indicate the source, thank you

Ma Rui also mentioned: "although the United States is also in the growth of venture capital, but the early investment structure is relatively stable, most of the investment is below $2 million.".

is now the mainstream independent blog program to WORDPRESS, PJBLOG, zblog etc., in function optimization, have done a good job, you can install a station, it is convenient, I now use is zblog, feeling good. If you are interested in one independent blog.

so, venture capital circles gangster is to look at how the winter capital? Gao Rong capital co-founder Gao Xiang’s view may bring us some thinking, he believes that the so-called winter is relatively, because before the emergence of capital overheating situation, so now we felt a little cold, this is a normal phenomenon. Indeed, any one industry has a cycle, any country has a cycle, any religion has a cycle, even our human destiny is a cycle, to see in the historical background, the period for us today is a very typical phenomenon, is a must the historical stage.

for independent domain blog, the situation is different. Independent domain blog can independently design layout, placement advertising, and the most important is the independent domain blog properly after optimization of the search engine rankings than any other blog hosting providers should be higher. According to the content of active sponsors, but these are the words of the blog you must reach a certain quality and flow, you will have to find sponsors.


foreign moon is not necessarily round, the United States entrepreneurial circle also has capital winter

pictured YC chief operating officer Qasar Younis

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