do this for half a year in Shanghai Longfeng ER thing below

blog promotion and promotion of forum is a great difference, the blog promotion and not once a day can be done, personally feel that the blog promotion skills is to "keep on keeping on". Every day the original or false original articles published, like Sina blog, blog, blog, NetEase Sohu blog, and the blog and so are some very high quality of the blog, as long as your blog will unremittingly, the quality of it. That the beginning do not add a lot of links, until the time is ripe, then. Another point is that the Links blog, if you want to make your blog can be a faster love Shanghai included, you will find some Links.

in my last article "on the I in the first half of this year since Shanghai dragon ER thing (on)" mentioned in Shanghai Longfeng to some basic knowledge of ER, is my first time in the A5 submission and give through, feel comfortable, feel oneself learn to write out for everyone to share very happy. Well, the main content and the chain said, this is how it said specific operation, if a good or wrong place, welcome advice.

blog promotion

you know, the forum is our webmaster to do the promotion must pass through the road, as in A5, Chinaz behind, the weight of these relatively high webmaster forum to promote their own station, the effect is very good, can also go to love Shanghai, Tianya, Post Bar mop贵族宝贝 the popular forum to promote, the two are different, the webmaster forum can set the anchor text signature, and help the anchor text signature of the search engine is very large, such as my station, 100 graduates job site, I can set in the signature of "graduate", "Graduate Employment Network" and so on the key link (anchor text), so as to make our website keyword ranking before, however slowly to the flow, there is a general forum username, can use the Chinese username, you can put the user into their own website The name, to increase your exposure rate.

if the original, starting A5. 贵族宝贝yjs.baidajob贵族宝贝, keep this link, please reprint welcome Paizhuan, exchanges, learn together and progress!

on a Links said, this article to talk about how to operate, Links exchange is not possible, we ask for is "fine", the quality is far greater than the number, there are many ways to exchange Links, to A5, behind these forums links in posts for friends of the chain plate. Can also go to some Links exchange platform, like go9go, poly Rui network, station platform to release these friends of the chain chain. The exchange links to pay attention to the other side of the link, generally do not exceed 50, if more than the exchange is not recommended, because you basically have not to weight.



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