How to shorten the love of Shanghai to review the new period

although a little but this is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, advise you to pay attention to the webmaster, if you can best do not suddenly released outside the chain too much, but can not use the cluster tool to add the chain, otherwise not only can not help to the website, but also will be in love with the sea that you cheat in the site on to you make some punishment The loss outweighs the gain.!

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love Shanghai "new sites to shorten the review period, in addition to regular update is not enough, the site also need high quality content, more so, the webmaster can’t write original content, so in the acquisition or reproduced over the best content is a false original, such as the modification of the paragraph, or write their own titles with beginning, don’t keep to the original as the first mock exam on line

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first, webmaster want to shorten the love of Shanghai to review the new period, the webmaster is best to be updated every day

PS: if your time permits, it is best to arrange the content update time at 12 points after the reason is not to say, if you want to know why the love can go to Shanghai or Google, believe that the webmaster will find the reason and argument in more detail the

must have all heard the most webmaster "content is king, the chain for emperor" this sentence, so, in order to speed up the love of Shanghai for the new "review period", or for future website of Shanghai Longfeng rankings, we all have to take some time to release to add some high quality outside chain or chain

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when you put the content with the chain together, then we want to do is keep on

webmaster want to shorten the love of Shanghai to the new "review period", a fixed time the first thing to do is to find a day to update the website, as long as you keep it updated every day, then you will be in the new weight within one or two weeks is greatly improved, and as long as your site weight up so, the love of Shanghai "review period" also will follow reduced

has just launched a new station will have a "review period", also the owners to "review period" is called "love Shanghai sandbox", and this "review period" the time will vary according to the site is divided into 10 to 30 days, in order to make our website early days from the love of Shanghai traffic rank, it is necessary for us to make love to our webmaster Shanghai to shorten the new "review period", so we want to how to do to make love for our new "Shanghai to shorten the review period"

second, webmaster want to ensure that the quality of the content, in no way to write the original situation, must be on the acquisition or reproduced content to modify

finally, the webmaster to ensure the stability of the site, as far as possible not to let the space problem, or just change the site keywords

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furthermore, Adsense to ensure timely added per day outside the chain, if can change to high quality friend chain is better

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