Would it be feasible to evaluate your plan for starting a businessThe golden rule of Wangzhuan Wangz

site to make money: first to buy a web site, including domain names, space, servers and so on. Very simple, these can be found on the internet. There are a lot of simple stops, and it doesn’t cost much. I bought a few months ago, 2 small stations, a total of less than 1000 quick money, so I would like to start a business online friends can refer to this approach. After the website completes, must go to the record, after the recent WAP network question appears, on-line is killing more strictly, therefore must pass through the record after only then can let the website start to operate. For about half a month after the record number down can organize themselves, just finishing space, but also the background, you can also write something for the above, it is best to get something original, otherwise sh419 included is a problem.


on IP money advertising for the station just do it, just do it because the traffic was not much, there are hundreds of good, so I want to rely on IP to make friends, first of all have to do the site traffic, as exchange links, to advertise, the most good or update the diligent content, especially the original content, only in this way, sh419 will be included in your website, after sh419 included your site, at least you can rely on sh419 this big tree, traffic is very objective. On the included questions, we can still go to sh419 to find the answer, I do not explain here in detail. Talk about CPA registration type advertising, such advertising is mainly someone clicks on the ad, and registered as advertising users, so that the site will have revenue.

said above things done, now go to the union to take advertising, advertising alliance, I believe we have been very familiar with it, some of the large column focus and CCTV had reported the WAP mobile phone communication problems. To the advertising union to take their own website to review, after the audit through, the ad hanging on their website, you can begin to make money, as long as there is a click, or advertising display, your station will have income. There are many kinds of advertisements. There are CPA registered types with CPC clicks. Also advertising is IP earn money, 1000IP 20 yuan, 30 yuan, 40 yuan range. As long as the flow of the site to do up, that day income of several hundred dollars is not a problem. If a station IP is 10 thousand a day, the minimum is 200 yuan.


for several months now Wangzhuan, here to share with you the key to wangzhuan. In fact, it is very simple, just like 1+1=2, no one had just begun to teach you, if someone says you will think that is equal to 3 is equal to 3, so, now to introduce some methods and ideas in common people.

now has a lot of registered hands to help people sign up for advertising. As everyone knows, in fact, the most benefit or the webmaster of the website most make money, general CPA price is higher, Adsense from advertising alliance received advertising hanging in their own

when you identify yourself for a business, you do not have to hurry to go on the road of entrepreneurship, but also must first evaluate your business plan is feasible.


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