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at the audition, we will select in accordance with national legal provisions, both innovation and business value, good market prospects, technological innovation, and growth in a large space, good business model, the founding team strength of the venture into the preliminaries. Outstanding entries selected in the heats will enter the finals and have the opportunity to receive DoNewsTV star road show video coverage. In the final battle of the hegemony, through two aspects of the competition, the winning entries will be directly promoted to the 2016MARS innovation and entrepreneurship competition semifinals.


is not obvious, the first thing is to go home for dinner after work, and the store is in the company Hot pot to the subway, can be said to be the best place, users also have very strong demand, but why is between the restaurant and the user will not reach a deal?

the same location, the same is hurrying to work, why the same store when does not provide the same service, will have such a big change, can be said to be back to life.


district near a closed hot pot shop, gorgeous turned into a dedicated fruit shop. When a shop is a hot pot shop, there are very few customers who choose to eat here and go to work for a whole day. The only thing I want to do is to go home and take a rest as soon as possible. Coupled with the presence of the catering industry three high factors rent, manpower, raw materials, the closure became a hot pot shop inevitable choice. And into the fruit shop, but the door has been lined up a long, long line, and by the way to buy some fruit home, looking at the colorful fruit inside the shop may be a lot of good mood.

and now the mobile Internet environment is very similar, a lot of products to help users solve a certain demand, users also have to find a way to achieve the purpose, can be said that many times should hit it off, but the actual situation we see is often the opposite, between the user and the enterprise is always lack of a necessary bridge. In CPIC seems, or because they want to become a platform, and often ignore how to let users release this demand, completely in accordance with their own ideas to do the product, which will never succeed ~~

when did the pink economy break out? Now you’re hearing less and less about the issues that have been discussed in the last two years. Because, with the constant promotion of social recognition, the pink economy has gradually burst. Chinese has become one of the top three global market pink economy, social networking, online shopping, Comrade Comrade Comrade tourism such as the rapid rise and rapid capital by the Blitz, pink in the economic field entrepreneurial industry covered by up to ten, and in just one year to achieve a rapid transformation to the mobile terminal. Pink economy’s heat does not lose VR/AR, and more complementary to live broadcast.

if the surrounding is only a small number of people have this demand, then the business is certainly not carry out. The author hopes to put the electricity supplier logistics since some integration into a platform based on the one hand the initial investment will be very large, on the other hand did not examine the market demand situation, too much emphasis on the platform effect, with pure Internet thinking to look at a pure line of business, although the concept may indeed very advanced, but does not comply with market rules, idea can only become empty, difficult implementation have become the inevitable.

This is

scanning two-dimensional code, attention to MARS contest dynamics

, there’s one more thing I have to mention


2016MARS innovation contest is sponsored by the media, Thomas More cattle investment at a cost of millions of the industry of the whole field of events, Chinese is the most influential entrepreneur contest. This competition concerns pink economy, concerned entrepreneur, with the number of Chinese users and the use of the first mobile social software Blued comrades, hand in hand to build China’s Pink economic ecosphere.

a few days ago, see the article on the logistics service from mentioning the thousands of words discussed why copious and fluent from mentioning the service will be difficult to implement, in fact, I admit that the article is very valuable, because many users from mentioning the service now is not very urgent thing in real life. The biggest failure is not considered a series of problems, what people need from mentioning the service? If there are people who say all day at home, who would have run to places such as convenience stores from mentioning the goods

has this incident been a reflection of the Gestapo because users don’t have the demand for meals?


in the pink economy so strong breakthrough under the background of multi media, Thomas joint investment China cattle pink economy advocate Blued held 2016MARS pink economic innovation and entrepreneurship competition, focus on the mining industry economic pink outstanding entrepreneurial projects, creating top investors and outstanding entrepreneurs the best exchange platform, so that entrepreneurs and investors with the Nuggets Pink market. DoNews will join Blued and TV for the entire report and live fish.

is divided into special pink economic conference, auditions, preliminaries and finals in four stages, in dozens of investment institutions, here a lot more attention of investors judges pink economic alliance, more free support resources, is the business elite and founder of the circle, is a industry public classroom learning and exchange.


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