Traffic is the ultimate pursuit of online shop managementNetwork marketing to promote the developmen

         ;       two: flexible use of personalized signature forum. When you reach a certain level in the forum, can set character signature, this time, you can put the product into your signature picture, and then went to the forum of multiple posts, many people back to the post, the back of your post and post content will display the character signature, as long as see who can see your product pictures. < >

the current foreign network marketing for the site upgrade and maintenance, optimization needs a large number of technical network marketing professionals, practical personnel understand the market and understand the network is a hard to find in the future for foreign trade enterprises abroad, website design, website promotion, website operators, network advertising needs millions of network marketing professionals. In the domestic and foreign Wangzhuan then began to spread, more and more people joined the ranks of the dollar.

now in the store can see the flow of their own shop, note that if you flow less than 100 IP per day, it proves that you need to go to the store to do the corresponding promotion. Here to introduce you to a number of promotional tips, I hope to help you.

first opened this site, you need to register an account on the website, the relevant information when registering to fill in the shop, Note: suggest you see the registration bar above "Taobao stores use statistics tutorial Flash animation", after landing related settings to get traffic statistics after the code. Shop landing own editing and product classification — add pictures – the traffic statistics classification code replication in your store.


1: go to the community, forums, and write more replies. This refers to the community, forum does not refer to the Taobao community, because in the Taobao community posted stickers may be fined and deducted silver coins. It is recommended that you go to some traffic can also discussion forums, when the post should pay attention to methods, can let a person see your hair is advertising stickers, posting in these places, the post title and content you need to carefully design for example, you can find some personality products out so, community forums, people give you value it, remember the picture with a Taobao LOGO shop, anyway, oh to make the forum administrator will not delete your posts after reading. In addition, when you register in these places, you can work on the user name, for example, you can use "Chinese creative home products" to do your user name.

said traffic, then naturally ask how to know how much of my store traffic, here to introduce a shop in the increase flow statistics function of the method.

with foreign Wangzhuan high profit and high threshold, freedom, a huge space for development and other characteristics, PA network students foreign Wangzhuan training courses teachers is strong, the case and the actual operation of the combination, provide a set of zero build English station, NICHE station, SEO black hat, profitable foreign advertising tasks and operating skills the foreign Wangzhuan software using training content. At present, thousands of trainees are enrolled, through training

network marketing related foreign Wangzhuan after all most is based on the English website, so some entrepreneurs and webmasters have basic English, but after the entry difficult, many people suffer from no opportunities to join the ranks of foreign wangzhuan. With the further growth of Wangzhuan related training in China, there have been some authoritative professional training institutions launched foreign Wangzhuan Wangzhuan training courses. PA school network for the foreign Wangzhuan training needs, combined with dozens of foreign Wangzhuan combat master will experience with foreign Wangzhuan Wangzhuan mode, organized into a system of foreign network marketing knowledge system, to carry out the first public foreign Wangzhuan training courses, to provide more professional and more intimate service for students.

The development of

China’s Internet from the germination to maturity, is constantly high-speed development. From all aspects of the entertainment, the Internet is integrated into work, learning, and with the traditional industries. In the Internet high speed competition period, the development of network marketing is also a big step, follow the pace of Internet development and expansion. Network dissemination speed, the audience, the influence of strong features, so that more enterprises, individuals, entrepreneurs, webmasters to see the prospects and importance of network marketing. With the help of network marketing, more and more industries are creating brand miracles.

network marketing also brings more profitable and profitable opportunities for network entrepreneurs, personal AdSense and company marketing staff. In 2010, the network marketing market developed very rapidly, and the QE network marketing market has reached 6 billion of the advertising market scale. Basically, it’s two times the same period in 09 years. Whether online advertising brands, or precision marketing is good, both have very rapid growth. The rapid growth of network marketing has also contributed to the popularity of network marketing related jobs. Especially in foreign countries, the importance and status of network marketing for enterprises are more prominent than in china. Network entrepreneurs are now not only positioning the marketing target at home, but also looking at the marketing and promotion of foreign enterprises and websites. Overseas network marketing opportunity Wangzhuan hot.

regardless of the operating website or online shop, only traffic up, in order to benefit, there is no traffic website or online shop, even if your product in good, but also just a decoration, it will not produce benefits. We were to shop, if every flow shop only 20 IP or less, and that this shop is basically no hope, most occasionally blind cat encountered dead rat, several guests were accidentally. Therefore, operators of online shops must improve the flow of shops for the first goal, as long as the flow, what can be said.

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