Mobile Fetion promotion actual combatFrom the melee to a takeaway O2O a situation of tripartite conf

Fetion is pushing China Mobile to send text messages for free software, since the mobile advertising promotion through the Internet, the horn Gala can see Mobile Fetion ads, greatly small Adsense are playing life, their housekeeping skills. It’s no wonder that the price of 1.5 yuan / month, is two times the original price of Firefox is different, this is no longer the shlf1314 alliance, but by the domestic league to the operation, characteristics of the domestic league is the "black", but also domestic webmaster to force, although the deduction amount is very serious, but because the price is enough high, or some money.

and O2O do mention electricity supplier logistics, everyone will think of the Jingdong self logistics, Jingdong is actually Taobao forced, do not highlight the advantages of their own, they are starting to play the Crowdsourcing logistics >

, we don’t care which data is the most accurate, but the market share of takeaway O2O released by the two agencies shows: "three strong dominate the entire market situation is becoming more and more obvious.". A few days ago, U.S. has just ushered in their three birthday, hungry it through more than 7 years, and the youngest sh419 takeaway has gone through more than 2 years of age, three of them can be said that the interpretation of the history of the "three Chinese takeaway O2O war" in the first half. Then, from the first half of today’s melee towards a situation of tripartite confrontation in the second half, takeaway O2O three war, the pattern of what’s

But from

takeaway O2O in the past few years, has been a melee, we compete for users crazy money hit the market, and in this melee, there are countless takeaway O2O fell in a pool of blood. With the Internet environment change, takeaway O2O competition will inevitably change.

4, every day to the union backstage to see revenue, to Adwords background view input, through the input and output of money, calculate how much money can be earned every day.

profit: 600 yuan -400 yuan, =200 yuan

10 days 200 yuan is not much, but when I was in the operation of the project, there is no intention, if used in bidding on some heart, in the same keyword click price selection, promotion effect should be better. For those who are familiar with the bidding, I saw the above introduction, you can immediately operate, and if you do not understand the place, you can contact me, :109139142

put in the advertising fee: 400 yuan

environment change, takeaway O2O competition pattern has quietly changed

3, through competitive bidding, it is recommended to choose Adwords bidding, traffic will be directed to the advertising page.

profit margin: 200/400=50%

promotion income: 600 yuan

1, to apply for Fetion advertising advertising union. As far as I know, there is only a result alliance that can apply for Mobile Fetion registration.


from third party data mining and analysis authority iiMedia Research AI media consulting released "2016Q3 China online takeaway food Market Research Report" shows that the 2016Q3 Chinese online takeaway food market distribution of active users, ranking the first U.S. accounted for 38.2%; hungry in second, accounting for 33.9%; third is sh419 takeaway, accounted for 19.3%, three big takeaway platform accounted for 91.4% market share in the whole takeaway market.


today, the population of China as a whole is more than 1 billion 300 million, and the mobile Internet users released by the Ministry of communications have increased by 19 million 421 thousand in January, an increase of 11.8%, with a total of 980 million. Obviously, the market can no longer rely on expanding the size of users to achieve explosive growth, the mobile Internet population bonus is disappearing, the entire Internet environment has changed.

below is the result of my actual test this month, which provides a reference for you:


2, make advertising page.

gossip, I will introduce the operation method and the result of my own practice.

consulting released up to the third quarter of 2016 Chinese "third party food takeaway Market Research Report" shows that hungry overall market share reached 36.4%, with 30.1% of the U.S. market share ranked second, followed by sh419 takeaway, accounted for 21.8%.

operation days: 10 days

: 56 video

first, deep plowing, logistics, distribution,

in fact, it has quietly changed…… Fire subsidies to grab users of the war has become history, takeaway O2O is fully upgraded to the service war, and will start the war at three levels.

service war is escalating,

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