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it is not hard to understand at the beginning of the entertainment industry capital annual meeting, in winter Boehner president greatly lamented the survival situation of domestic theater bize, a private theater situation encircling the city ":

1 set up a "personal cooperation website", do not rush:  

A, with neither fish nor fowl nature of the site is so formed! that is, not a personal pure personal site, nor commercial commercial sites, I tentatively call it "personal cooperation website"! The nature of the site, if the loose personal site model management, is destined for the future of formal business  

when some members for the benefit of uneven site ownership, so a series of problems, not dispute, a beat two scattered results, foreshadowed. This has too many precedents in the history of the development of domestic websites. Therefore, it is ready to cooperate again, otherwise, too late to regret.  

2 must sign the agreement before cooperation:  

3 please clarify the purpose of your cooperation before the establishment of the station:  

4 must have a decision maker:  >

seem to lack operating norms of video player entertainment, in just a few years all over the city in almost every corner of the China line. China has more than 7000 traditional theaters, the industry said, in 2015 the national private theater from two hundred to 2500, and in 2016 more than 6000, this figure in last year is still doubled and redoubled.

and people think private cinema often concealed position different, the private theater opened in Chaoyang District near the center of a university in the downtown area, bright neon signs and hundreds of meters can see. May is a fancy college students and young couples consumption potential, around it tens of meters, there is another movie theme hotel, is also the name of the "ice age" can bath room, lying in bed watching movies "attractive advertising signs.

put the payment voucher to the staff, the other with a small private theater and entertainment into the regional billiards hall just a wall. At first glance, here is very like the KTV after the transformation of the layout, corridor lighting dim, slightly shabby decoration, door closed, privacy is very strong.

does not have to make an appointment to complete self-help selection and payment at the entrance of the ticket machine. There’s a lot of film, but there’s no new cinema blockbusters. Xiao Yu checked, demand a higher rate of mostly failed to enter the domestic big screen film overseas, such as "team" and "Deadpool" Dutch act etc.. But these sources are not copyright, but downloaded from the Internet, then select the "small entertainment demand" was sometimes no coffee commune, and blunt translation subtitles also confirmed this point.

"we have 21 rooms in this room, 2 of which are large rooms with 10-12 people and 2 are VIP beds." She introduced, while the rapid introduction of small entertainment around 10 square meters of a small room, demonstrates how to adjust the sofa to lie, as well as the use of desktop pager. "The film is 5 minutes with automatic play, help you turn off the lights?" and she soon withdrew from the room, leaving a little ignorant of entertainment.

"we have more than 7000 cinemas, but there are commercial foot washing rooms, saunas and public places around the cinema, including private cinema."

a winter night in Beijing, with curiosity, a private entertainment into the private theater, received a warm reception of the front desk staff.

This is the

Abstract: the lack of copyright, no licensed private theater, why look worse than regular cinema fast? Maybe we can answer this survey, in doubt.

"playing billiards or watching movies? Do you need drinks or snacks?"

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