Dunhuang net Wang Shutong venture not afraid of detours do not want to get richnfluence marketing

everyone was not as strong as keso’s influence, but in development before the need to make the influence of marketing. BLOG is a center of influence, is also a personal brand, so people can pass.

Wang Shutong: after all these years, I have done some summary and analysis of myself. The core of it is that I can listen to the call of my heart and follow the passion of my heart to make my choice. So I can move away from jobs that seem easier or more dazzling, and go into an entrepreneurial career with lots of uncertainty. And along the way, I’m constantly making choices, making decisions, taking action, and to this day I’m really proud of the choices I’ve made.

analysis from the influence of the model, he eventually influence, is likely to be a circle of people, they may not be the end users, they just focus on your project, your development, maybe they just want to see what you do in the end. From the perspective of customer value, if only rely on the influence to do promotion I think it is difficult to effect, but the impact is not influence does not matter, but very useful. Detonated from the point of view of communication, the influence of assimilation and influence, most of them are in the network point area centers of influence, I think they are more suitable for communication in the contact be detonated, the role of. Liaison is concerned about your career, for you full of people, its importance, as the bridge and link between the website and the user.

I think especially the Web2.0 era, a marketing approach is very effective, is the influence of marketing. Simply speaking, the line on the website before the greater influence, more successful on-line. I think this is a lot of websites are not very seriously, or rarely pay attention to. If only the line on the website promotion, belongs to the normal thinking, practice, so do a good job of marketing, will jump thinking, break the normal procedure. Good marketing is the biggest influence to get enough attention, get enough to look forward to, of course you need to put the internal basic work well, otherwise bring a drop too much, but the impact of their own image.

Wang Shutong: personal entrepreneurship and professional managers in large enterprises, the psychological needs of a lot of ideas and quality are quite different.

Wang Shutong, CEO of

recently read a book "the tipping point", he stressed that the law detonated 3 popular laws of individual characters, adhesion factors, power law, environmental law, so the influence of marketing, the impact is the laws of individual characters, the individual character is concerned then maybe your career, your reputation transfer contact person. Your success is much, I think you just how much power, which is proportional to the. If the keso he left DoNews, he engaged in the cause, I think the probability of success will be very high, because the keso to do business, will be the Internet in the circle of the vast majority of people’s attention, so when keso career, his every step of the development will be like a news report received attention, because keso the influence of.

choose entrepreneurship,

in the enterprise you may never need to worry about the problem of survival, because these companies have very strong capital, good brand, so is there you can think of how I let the headquarters of the execution strategy. But when you go to the entrepreneurial enterprises, Pumianerlai is the pressure of survival, the next month you can not send salary, next month your server rental cost is not able to dig out, this is a very harsh environment.


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Dunhuang network, said in an interview with NetEase finance that there were few successful 35 years in China, mostly long-distance running. So, you have to figure out if you’re right for this life, and when you run away, remove the sand from your shoes. At the same time, in times of adversity, do not be discouraged, and in good times, when the market tide is very prosperous, do not really do not know who you are. Many companies fall into the ditch when they don’t know who they are. Interview specific content see below, poineering country has abbreviate.

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in the field of Internet marketing, especially in the Web2.0 era, people pay more and more attention to the user experience, the user’s reputation, it should be said that marketing is based on web forming, but also on your outstanding experience and service basis, so it should be the basic web site is the strength, this is within the category of marketing, recently on shell buykee marketing plan, also on the web site before the online marketing work.

Q: you leave Tsinghua has been twenty years, twenty years ago you came down from Tsinghua podium into Microsoft, then went to CISCO from Microsoft, and later founded excellence and Dunhuang, each choice, for others, are required great courage, because those who are out of a relatively comfortable position, choose to start from zero. Why are you so courageous? Why would you have the courage to make such a choice,

Q: what are the biggest challenges you face when you start a business?

second I also feel quite deep, is in the multinational enterprise development strategy, in fact you don’t have any chance to set the whole company, not to mention setting such a business model, but for the business enterprise, the whole enterprise development direction, strategy and tactics of business operations, including the construction of the team culture, you should set up from zero. You have been in the big business for many years and it has a very mature system, so how can you do it for managers who come out of many multinational companies?

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