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one world does not necessarily have the same dream, never mind! We can also have the same idol, but you might think that this idol could be fantasy nets of the protagonists cultivation. The popularity of China’s web language abroad may be " unexpected " but the regular army of China’s largest reading platform, starting with the """; "unexpected ""; become more anticipated.

compared to the already domestic network, the Red Sea, the publishing industry developed American market, network literature has always been " cultural desert ". Before the popularity of Internet Literature in China, there was no network literature ecology in foreign countries, and some writers who were not in the stream would choose to publish their works in the network channel. And read new novels like Hooked

500 thousand + questions, 3 million + reply, but in the content of the comb, HOW did not use the form of labels. "TAG mode may be too hard for users, we want to achieve the effect is seemingly irrelevant, but can allow users to feel relevant, users first ask questions, and put these content together."." Jin Yinzhen says. After users become accustomed to such a model, search is only an auxiliary function.

and so on.

between asking and answering, it’s hard to keep pace with the growth of users simply by digging into KOL. So, on the HOW platform, users and good hands can change from one another to another. Ideally, through the growth mechanism, users can step by step into the big V on the HOW platform.

according to the curiosity daily to the data, in April 2017, the average daily traffic reached 979 thousand and 200 independent Wuxiaworld also said to live up to 4 million days, of which 1/3 users from the United States, Europe and many other countries and covers; and the vertical community NovelUpdates day has reached 250 thousand. At the same time, according to the Alexa global website traffic rankings, ranked 1027 in the Wuxiaworld 2017.05.17 8756 Chinese far exceeds the starting point, of course this is just the end of PC based on the data does not reflect the true level of the audience, but the data still shows the huge user demand in overseas markets. The vertical network community NovelUpdates daily living also reached 250 thousand. At present, the most popular network text category is mainly the long martial arts, fantasy and comprehension.

question and answer platform is that many times users don’t know how to ask questions. This is also HOW first cut into question and answer reasons, relatively speaking, the threshold is relatively low. In guiding questions, knowing what XXXX is like is an influential sentence pattern. Similarly, HOW is also trying various ways to guide users. For example, set up some screening problem reporters, selected problems will be displayed in the App barrage; for example, the invitation mechanism, send good questions to the user, invite users to answer. The two example with the HOW style is, "my name is XX, is there anything related to my name?" "I want the XXX in the XXX painting, do you have any relevant products?"

A common problem facing the

from dress to question and answer >

"how does height 158 go through 172?" "do you have anything to beautify your dining table?" in addition to a more direct question and answer, HOW also hopes to find something more of a long tail from question and answer. Jin Yinzhen said, the so-called "more long tail" does not mean "can not get things", I imagine the long tail is "you can not think of things", to provide users with imaginary, beyond expectations of consumer recommendations.

although the starting point with more resources and regular army identity to the sea, but this market pioneer actually derived from a small group of Chinese and English Fan translators enthusiasts. Early is only based on the interest in the translation and on blogs and forums spread, and with the expansion of market demand, there is the nature of the network platform Chinese translation website Wuxiaworld, Gravitytales, volare translations, NovelUpdates

huge overseas demand

HOW, formerly known as "Pretty Yes", started by wearing a quiz to provide personalized solutions for fashionable women. Development path and know similar, first single point cut, and then expand the category, from wear, ask, and gradually expanded to beauty, skin care, jewelry, accessories, products, film and television, life, and even emotional life.

"the demand for questions is very strong in the consumer domain, but these problems are not well solved." HOW founder Jin Yinzhen said. According to data provided by the HOW team, as of June 2017, HOW App had precipitated 500 thousand + queries and 3 million + replies, with 1 million + users and 2500+ players.

May 15th, read the text of the group’s starting point, International announced formally launched, while supporting the PC side, Android and iOS version of three versions, support Facebook, Twitter and shlf1314 account registration login. As an important part of the overseas layout of the reading group, as early as March this year, the international version of the starting point has been tried, and the international domain name has been changed to "webnovel"".

how many minor troubles in life can be solved by buying, buying, buying? The consumer quiz platform "HOW" wants to answer the question of buying, buying, and buying by way of question and answer.

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