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remember when I first got the money, really excited, took the money please students eat, ha ha, also pay for their own, the first task is to post, someone posted hand strokes, in a posting on the site, to enrich the content from other websites related to copy the relevant content. Only 2 cents a note, I did two all night, really very difficult. Finally got 200 yuan, for me at that time, is indeed a huge sum of money.



2, pure UI product era has ended, UI marketing era has been opened,

students is not a one-time can get a lot of money, the first time do Wangzhuan, is certainly thought and simple, to the money quickly, now there is time to do Wangzhuan students are generally typical dwelling people, itself is not very short of money, just as a kind of entertainment Wangzhuan occasionally, only to pass the time, I am concerned, many websites to see that, but need to put a lot of time to post the website, will not give up, although this is actually very simple, but the endurance and patience this is the students lack, made a few websites to give up, so in vain in vain. Registration accounts are not popular with students in every large forum. So patience this thing is very important, even if all Wangzhuan people, patience is very important.

2, when the continuous interaction with the user experience blowing drum boast, in fact all knowledge is a layer of paper, learned will, all tall is blown out, why not talk about the essence of product survival: high, just, pain points? No capital leveraging the market, you can app the

there is also can open shop, oneself if have no product, the luck bitterness point, go to Taobao, clap to act as agent, earn a labor fee. Your computer will be fully utilized, there are many good Wangzhuan project, I am here to say, to treat with the common heart, do not want to earn a few hundred pieces at once, it’s really not realistic, if really so easy, all have to go to work on Wangzhuan.

survive for a few days?


below are some of my questions about training:

but bustling behind, how to recognize the essence of training! Welcome to my brother is first charmer, Ma iOS, Android! Yesterday a good job today, become a social problem, so UI training. UI high salary, not because designers have more cattle, do not be fooled, no market support, everything is vanity. When online major training, mutual tear force, it is really hard to do education,

3, employment needs to be realistic, training is the same,

students who have just graduated need to be experienced, not only technical, but also professional. Most of the students enter small and medium-sized companies, and a small number of excellent students enter

today, the product line will open the product marketing war, less optimization become more and, from the UI design has a simple design to product promotion operations, whether you can do, if not the enterprise will keep you? Today, all UI design talent shortage, meet the needs of the market, the overall salary than pure product UI designers are higher by 5 thousand to 10 thousand yuan, this is normal, one more post meets the business needs of the people principle.

2014 to the end of 2015, the start-up company’s products in the development and design stage from scratch, will only app mobile terminal design will be able to get high salaries, because it is simple, the market needs and lack of people.

In fact, now

below is my point of view on training:

a lot of APP want to become rich small team, experienced the cold winter of the capital market, 2016 is drawing to a close, a large number of start-up companies die. But the training market, a large number of children’s shoes influx, employment prospects can be imagined.

1, face the facts correctly,

! !

1, when the various training was induced, confused to enter UI design industry using cool Icon making children’s shoes, conscience look at your hand, WeChat APP small program, this icon? Do you need any training combined with market demand

3, the product line, what is the main task of the UI designer? You hand the App icon, interface, function modules are updated every day? The enterprise will make you free? Does the product do not need to survive the Internet marketing

‘s college students don’t even know what they’re doing most of the time, and I’m staring at the screen now. Open music, do not know what to do, in fact, you can open some of the surf in the background program to make money, what these, little advertising, these can be. Anyway, all the time is idle, the most important thing is to have patience, every day, very little income, but a month of accumulation, even if there are dozens of pieces.

Wangzhuan has been popular, but most of the students only know the surface, do not understand the true content, remember when I saw the emergence of the word high school Wangzhuan website, is that the development of offline, you first need to 500 yuan of money, and then I saw the development of the assembly line, is the first to reflect the MLM at that time, actually a little relationship with the development of offline marketing, with the Pyramid model the money at the bottom of the tower, people will always lose. Students instinctively will give up this money model, because in the first phase of the need to invest so much money, a little unrealistic. My personal experience is the need for cash, and time to be fast, so now most of the Wangzhuan site have a piece of money can begin. But there is one problem in the middle. Alipay needs the real name authentication, but in high school, the crowd is not very practical, students would be much easier.


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