Starting from the online shop junior students profit 200 thousand would like to send Wulin footbal

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from the open shop two months profit 30 thousand yuan, combined with their own professional to create their own website, and then to the enterprise website promotion, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law Wuhan College of Art Department of computer art design professional junior Xu Zaixing entrepreneurial road, after a three jump. Today, he has become a small well-known entrepreneur on campus, three entrepreneurial accumulation of funds about 200000, he used entrepreneurial income, last year back home Huanggang bought a set of commercial housing.

after years of accumulated experience, Xu Zai successfully set up a job in business as the main content of the public website, after several revision, has formed four major sections, more than 40 sub sections, there are more than 10000 users, produced a total of more than 100 thousand business related information, click on the quantity to break through three thousand, help tens of thousands of entrepreneurs to solve the various problems encountered in entrepreneurship.

chart is: Entrepreneurship let Xu Zaixing accumulated experience, gain self-confidence,

he is studying computer art design professional, Xu Zai slowly began to study design software, image processing software, 2D animation software and web design software etc.. He has a strong interest in web design and logo design, and after months of study and careful instruction from his teachers, he puts down his online shop and begins his career path.

open shop two months profit thirty thousand yuan

set up studio one year to pay the first buy

sophomore summer, Xu Zaixing opened the shop, in the summer of two months time, he rarely break through their own study and several classmates help, two months later, his shop made more than 1000 transactions. In addition to profit thirty thousand yuan, he also realized his shortcomings, such as the design of online shop, commodity picture processing and lack of knowledge.

at present, multi site advertising has been related to the Internet advertising company contracted down, each monthly advertising price reached 3000 yuan, the home and community there are other recruitment company advertising, let him get preliminary earnings. Xu plans to run the site within two years as the most popular entrepreneurial community website in Hubei province.

: monthly billing cycle.        

yesterday 5 days, Xu Zaixing returned to Huanggang, still busy with their own business, "and at school what two, access to the maintenance of the website every day to help others, help enterprise to update micro-blog."

set up business sites, daily hits exceeded three thousand

everybody stationmaster:  
    everybody is good! Wulin football registered ads on the line, welcomed the majority of webmaster active delivery, I believe that can bring good benefits for the webmaster! Customer service, :319295288 627436108,

Chutian Dushi Bao newspaper reporter Xu Xiaohan correspondent Luo Qin Intern Liu Xiaoyu Chen Mingliu strong

in 2011, after having a deeper understanding of web design, graphic design, and the Internet, Xu Zaixing and several other students jointly established three Eph 3F>

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