People need to adhere to and patienceTaobao Pk agent Taobao guest or agent

doomed people like to follow the crowd and follow what others say.

Taobao passenger Pk agent, Taobao guest good or agent good? Do Taobao guest whether clear this problem? That let Taobao guest with agent commodity boss Pk,

Taobao guest probably understood as: to Taobao shop, commodity promotion, take the Commission of the people. The agent here refers to: Taobao seller agent products, products by their own pricing, when the product comes out by sales, we’re looking for agents to take home related products, delivery address for the purchase of our products to customers.

is destined for successful people recognized, only accumulated enough knowledge to make money.


who is doomed to fail will doubt, but will continue to criticize in doubt.

the doomed man came and asked, "what’s the project?" you said you were a liar without a program.

is expected in the calculation mentioned in the promotion of 100 people to buy every day, the Commission is not the focus, the focus is: when we can promote every day a certain number of times, not necessarily is 100, 10 or 20 or 30, when fixed customers every day, you should choose not to do Taobao customers or agents. When do Boss pretty good, Taobao customers to promote products for their goods; and this time the agent has excellent, long time agent, let his shop also has a certain reputation, a certain fixed customers. No matter what product you promote, what agent is produced?

doomed people to refer to other people’s ideas as a reference.

doomed to fail, the first to come, and can not get the curse liar.

a lot of people will have this idea – those who are destined to succeed will doubt, but will prove it in doubt;

new friends are easy to trouble, a mistake is to make money, just imagine, all so well earned, money is worthless, as the saying goes, "the beginning is difficult.". The first is not difficult to walk, make love network tell you study more and more research, who are not as good as their own, I just remember to establish what also do not understand love when make, even "based not at all, is to learn and Study on their teacher’s explanation in. Everything is a process. The sky can not be pie, and their efforts and success is proportional to.

is destined for successful people to understand

after-sales service: to do Taobao customers should be very relaxed, as long as the introduction of the customer to buy the recommended products, waiting for that good achievement, after-sales service in the shop owner. If it is an agent, then the customer has problems, we must do a good job customer service, customer service, we need to contact the agents of the business.

2. promotion strategy in the same circumstances, Taobao customers with agent promotion, the same day to promote 100 people to buy the goods. Taobao customers average 5 yuan per item choose to promote the product is not the same, the price is different, here is only an estimate. each of the agents proceeds according to the difference they raised. Here, not much is expected, Taobao passengers and agents income comparison. Not much experience, the price is expected to be much worse.

royalty comparison:

don’t say you want to make hundreds of thoughts a day, tell you that you must be cheated. There is no such thing, unless you know certain techniques, or methods, otherwise, the pace of implementation is fantasy, new friends or reality, earn a point is a down-to-earth, and finally make a big money day. I met many new people like this, and friends came up and asked how much money they could make. Thinking is around to make the number of days, why don’t you ask yourself what the technology can earn it, even if you make money we teach you, that a process is not urgent today, learn how to earn a few hundred, that reality, that is to do. Every day we are making money, that give you a website can immediately make money, this is not the case, he is a process, a process of growing up, do not see immediate benefits, a Yuanmou Man will see the website long-term website. Make websites a profitable tool, remember that websites are tools for making money. Do not deliberately, what is not necessary.

1., Taobao customers Commission generally in 1% to 50%, and some products of lower commission, a few dollars to a few yuan will also reach tens of dollars, relative to agents, these prices are much better. If you are an agent, the price of your product will be no match for your competitors,

a lot of new friends do not know how to insist, to do Wangzhuan that can earn a lot of money, this tomorrow do it today, in the end what did not in vain, is half do, make the love experience is to adhere to, as long as the election of a project, insist on down can make money.

is destined for the successful people to pay first, then ask for.


in the selection of this project, I told you that the current free items, that is, the code is pretty good, paid in a timely manner, but also very tired. There is experience, task, making money is very good, generally can pay, as long as you do it seriously, you can make money. This is the new start to do Wangzhuan project.

reputation comparison: although now all shop requires real name authentication, but there are still many people afraid of being fooled, the credibility of reaction merchant goods quality, service reputation, so absolutely important! Just when the agent, no credit, while Taobao customers don’t need to worry about this, in the choice of the promotion of the choice of good reputation, a good evaluation of the store the water is not water!, this is not in the scope of our consideration of

time: Taobao off site has the flow, fixed time management to spend every day, but it will take time to promote the site, when a fixed propaganda method, insist on doing every day, do not need too long. What about agency? Publicity takes a lot of time to take care of customers every day. This has affected the work. Of course, doing full-time does not care about time.

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