The way of group buying the 19 inspiration for group operator website

"stationmaster" magazine special report section introduces: each phase carries on the thorough analysis for a topic, the 27 stage is aimed at "buys the way"". "Group purchase way" is divided into three parts: 1, who is doing for the owners and members of the IT group purchase? Listed part at home and abroad, how to do group purchase group purchase; 2? Through the interview F group, 58 group website, from "how to pick the goods", "how to sell goods" two dimensions to group purchase the essence of network operation; 3, group purchase inspiration? "Stationmaster" magazine does not encourage owners of imitation, copying a group purchase group purchase network, but to mining essence, will be successful experience as reference, to replace the group purchase of our existing website types. "Stationmaster" magazine shared 19 inspiration to stationmaster operation website.

below is the way to buy the third part: buy 19 of the webmaster’s operation website inspiration:

understand who is doing group buying, how to do group buying, the webmaster has a basic understanding of the group buying mode. We do "group purchase way" of the topic, the purpose is not to let everyone to do a group purchase website, nor encourage people into meaningless confusion competition, we hope to exploit the essence of "group purchase": for example, why is the day of group purchase a single product, such as why group purchase to attract businesses and why sell products to tens of thousands of


we hope webmaster can learn a group purchase experience, to better help their website profit, we hope to better grasp the essence of the webmaster of Internet application and innovation, to help operate their own website. Here are some of the highlights of our group buying network.

first, group buying inspiration for our website:

small and medium-sized websites show regional characteristics

throughout these group buying nets, basically have obvious regional characteristics, sticky rice nets, cool mission nets only for Beijing area, and even only serve a region of Beijing, such as Chaoyang District and CBD area. Like the United States Mission network, F group also began regional operations, in different cities to open different sub stations, rather than adopt a "one size fits all", relying on a web site to take all the Internet users. Therefore, not only is the group purchase website, development of all small and medium-sized sites will be more and more obvious regional characteristics, the webmaster want to operating a good website, first of all should be delineated in a region or area, and is on the local customs and understanding of Internet users.

website operation is more important than technology

is no longer an era where companies can make money in the early years. Take the buy to see, a single function, simple background operation, free open source program makes on-line group buying is one or two days thing, and the technical maintenance cost is very low, technical threshold is very low. There is a saying, money can not solve the problem of the problem; ranging from a few hundred dollars more than million yuan can buy a ready-made group purchase website template; but you spend more money Yexue not how to operate the site, only through their own exploration, and slowly increase the share of old webmaster website >

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