Website operation accumulation of resources is the most important

website operation is successful, not in SEO, accumulation of resources is more important.

below are some simple ideas that I hope will help you.

listen to one of the founders of China Talent nets said, recruitment website is recruitment, not web site. Many of the recruitment of the site, are doing traditional recruitment or headhunting services, first of these services, and then only the website.

is now gaining interest in portals, communities, or websites. Technology is a very important aspect, and it’s important that you have real resources.

: for example, do you have many tourist friends, guides, or travel experts in the tourist community?.

automotive portal: do you know the car very well, and do you have better communication with the car manufacturer?.

news web site: do you have a lot of internal cues? There’s plenty of time for instant messaging,

local gateway: to have a lot of local friends, to local customers advertising is certain, it is best to obtain cooperation with large companies, leveraging.

SNS (Social Networking): now big and complete SNS, more challenging, vertical, a certain industry, there is great potential, but also in your industry in the network has a high demand.


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