Write your blog how can you stand out from the crowd

has nothing new to write in an independent domain name and space blog, just as it is now with laptops – the street bike operators are playing IBM, even though they are second-hand. However, the world’s big network, how can you from the unknown to the public, then the

talent shows itself, stand head and shoulders above others?

(1) readable content. Content is the king, is the absolute principle, not for the past. Because no matter what topic you write around, but if the written things do not have a certain "gold content", can not allow people to increase knowledge, broaden their horizons, inspire thinking, infection heart…… Readers can’t get valuable information from them. Who’s still going to listen to you,


(2) keen observation. The network is flooded with a lot of junk information, if still in very ordinary thinking, what is more is said, without what unique perspective, you should write the independent blog is not what attraction, no vitality, talk about what a stand head and shoulders above others? Have you can do.

(3) good style of writing. In general, regardless of what you write is what, in a word, even the punctuation should be standardized, not statements impassability, lied, even sentences, words again and again. In as much as possible under the premise of correct fluent, give full play to your unique, both serious and lively, or ridicule.

(4) must adhere to the original, put an end to all plagiarism, strictly abide by copyright. This is a moral character, a moral issue, and a bottom line for writing an independent blog. Only the original, is directly to the Internet building blocks; and plagiarism, only the deterioration of network environment. Try not to easily reprint, truthfully in the necessary, please indicate the source, or else a strong contempt.

(5) enduring passion. Note that writing an independent blog is basically no money reward. In a society that is eager to win instant success, playing it is certainly a luxury. So, some people are very easy to start high capitalization, but after a period of time, they have vanished into thin air, until barren, and finally even discarded the domain name. Persist in everything.

(6) has a very distinctive and meaningful top-level domain name. A good domain name, like a good appearance, so this is a gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, invisible advertising. The choice of domain name suffix is certainly.Com, but even the other suffixes, it is necessary to ensure that the domain name itself is meaningful, whether it is English words, or Hanyu pinyin.

(7) has a certain ability to toss about the blog theme. It’s a face problem. Choose topics that are personalized and try to avoid stereotyped themes. Even if we use the theme of the skin, but also to be taken according to their preferences, characteristics of processing. A unique theme can be impressive.

(8) friendly interaction. This is generally meant to give appropriate responses and readers to readers who comment on your blog

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