Talk about my experience of running media blogs for 1 years and 9 months

recently discovered that many friends have stepped into the media blog, but many new friends are still running on their own. In order to help the media bloggers to take fewer detours, I share my experience of nine months in this year, and let everyone know what is the most important thing to do from the media blog,



from the media articles, I have written a lot before, and really do not want to write, written to write, are those who really do not mean anything. I want to write articles about earning money online every day, because many people want to make money online and don’t want to see these theories.

, a lot of friends have told me that they want to be from the media. A friend and I said, he used to do business, loss of hundreds of thousands of, want to do from the media. Last night, one of my friends said that I wanted to do it from the media, and today’s headline number is also ready.

they see how good I am from the media and earn a lot of money, but they don’t see how much I pay. Is it from the media, as long as the original article will be written, money coming? Today is mainly talking about the operation of the media blog, the following also tell you some of their views:

1, don’t imitate Lu Songsong and moonlight blogger

wants to write a lot of friends from the media blog, saying why they want to blog, mainly because of the success of brother song and the success of moonlight blog. Like everyone else, I started blogging from the media, hoping that someday I might be as famous as Lu Songsong.

many friends will say such a thing, others Lu Songsong wrote six years of blog, Moonlight blog wrote ten years of blog. Their success is because of their insistence, I just as long as they persist for five or six years, will also succeed, and then can also be as famous as they earn money.

I admit that their success is inseparable from persistence, but let’s not forget that we are not them. Lu Songsong’s blog success because it? So much knowledge of pine brother understand, you will do everything he had experienced, you experienced? You can imitate Lu Songsong adhere to five years, ten years, in the end you or you will never be Lu Songsong.

many people see, understand, adhere to the day, write a diary, persist for eight years, and now earn millions of millions a year is very easy. So now many people begin to write about life. They think that as long as you keep a diary, you can persist for five years, eight years, then you can become as famous as understand, earn millions of dollars a year. But, do you know how many books you read? You don’t have the talent to write. Do you think someone writes it? Can you compare it with that,


so, I hope you all understand, you are you, Lu Songsong is Lu Songsong, Moonlight blog is Moonlight blog, understand is understand, they are different people. If there are two identical people in the world, people like the first one

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