The standard grassroots mentality of the portal

seems to be affected by winter, RMB seems to have been frozen, and how can not flow into our pockets. Today I happen to see a friend’s signature, "which borrows some money?" "~555~", "pure", "fiction", "chaos", "beauty"." Although it is a joke, but it reflects a lot of grassroots webmaster material life is too "stretched"".

to do a bunch of garbage station to create a two + brand war ", is many webmaster want to walk the road is a station to fast money, two is through the garbage station to learn some experience, such as money, experience, and create a brand war, brand warfare as your career to do, seems like a good choice. Many webmaster is due to chance to join the grassroots team, in fact in this industry is not deep understanding, many webmaster webmaster is still very understanding of the scenery in the webmaster, believe that the site had the level of money, as everyone knows, master the hardships behind is no words to describe the degree of hard. The webmaster is no less than the old society of coal workers. So, you ready to join friends must consider.

called qiongzesibian, is in the line of friends, may wish to temporarily put your "garbage station + webmaster career planning to create a two brand war" first put temporarily, try using the "crooked ways" to make money. What is "crooked ways"? Perhaps your website is stagnant in a certain stage, you may not promote, not operation, you can calm down and think of a creative start from website to website construction, to spread out, reasonable operation to make money to the end to what. The more detailed the better, the smaller the better, actually do so many friends are successful, do not know how many people know caoshangfei linkhelp, met friends all know, this site is definitely not a good website, but this station was one of the many webmaster site every day must be logged, the entire site is provide a Links query function. And made a big 55, 55 when using the 5D6D discuz program to promote salcon crazy promotion, at the time of the 55 layout is very chaotic, there are few template, such a website, now many webmaster every day of the landing site.

in the winter of 2008 seems to come earlier than usual, for the owners concerned, seems to be on the nature of the winter and not much awareness, perhaps many grassroots friends like me, still wearing sandals and slippers in front of the computer busy banging on the keyboard. And let more webmaster "worried" should be the Internet in winter, in the face of the coming winter, we in addition to hiding in the home, bitter read outside, there is nothing to do?


small workshop type personal website will be eliminated, and eventually personal website will gradually enter the commercialization. In the process, there will be a large number of personal websites and personal owners have been "shuffle"". Although cruel, but this is the general trend of Internet development. Forcing personal websites to make money on the web

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