After 90 Guo Yujiao was Baidu K fall will laugh more happy

I am 90, I have not yet what skills, as many netizens say, I will write in addition to soft Wen, and the rest of what will not. In fact, my art is food, the last station will not sell even the database transfer is very short, food is food, but also some new call me master, now (dark happy). At the same time, I also hope to make more friends in Admin5, study together. Let me get down to business and say the story of us and Baidu.


, I did a lot of garbage stations, and I was dropped by the heartless Baidu K. I put it there and didn’t do it. This is crazy, then began to build the new domain name, web site. By chance, I saw a sentence in Wang’s Admin5. "Hold on until you laugh."". I slept in bed at night, repeatedly thinking, why do before the death of a station is a station, are we "grassroots" owners cannot live without Baidu? I listen to some old timers that figure king Admin5 was Baidu K dropped, but he did not give up the map of the king, the king he figure don’t give up, and he made what move? I believe we all understand that graph king shouted slogans: do not rely on Baidu we grassroots webmaster can still survive (if this is the case, I’m not sure, I did not find the Baidu.. If wrong please correct Oh, the most important point, don’t scold me ~_~!


talk about myself, such as my stock in our 126 stock knowledge network ( is the first before the line, I spent 700 yuan for plate mold production to help me master div reconstructed a plate model, and then find the spent some money to find SEO "master" (used to know is SEO master, don’t think so now) help me to optimize my station. At first, it was not bad, because the 512 earthquake just broke out, so a 5 was added. 12 earthquake column (but now removed, the old man told me that "the station would be professional, not what hot do what, do what will never succeed!") he wrote several article, everywhere was reproduced, the chain effect is very good. But lookers o. No way! Because I remember in May when 28 to 29 bar, I added an article named "5· 12 Wenchuan earthquake; the deeds of the material for second days was included in Baidu, and the" Wenchuan earthquake materials, about 512 Wenchuan earthquake a few key XX "this brings me to the 20 thousand and 1 the flow (I didn’t expect, just added. ) on June 2nd, this article was K, I consulted many old timers, they may say Baidu staff will artificial interference in this aspects (some veteran explained to me that, probably because the front row for some countries unit or company station, not to our small Lun webmaster) here I said, why am I in the front row, because the article is everywhere I gather together, is the original article, so Baidu have set me on the first page, when 51>

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