Media watercress can also be made more popular

Abstract: now the bean to aid the congenital advantage become the content industry pioneer. However, the content platform to go through, the challenge is also great, watercress can succeed?


these days, watercress finally updated the big version. A version of the 3 is the end of October last year, launched the "small" main interest in social function. Watercress 4 launched a fixed top column, strengthen the page content, such as watercress, a week of popular film and television, tonight I have space and vision, covering all aspects of life. Besides, the book, audio and video, this is the capital of watercress, still has the main TAB, radio and group these two important features of the PC era, with a level TAB.

this is a revision, the biggest change I see, "media", watercress 4 is to strengthen the original content on the platform, take the editor + algorithm model collation and recommendation, and presented to the user in home. Strengthen the media attributes, highlighting the original content, the purpose of doing so, but in fact is embracing the tide of content in the ascendant.

2016, the content of the Internet era has arrived,

mobile information platform wars, QQ music and Chinese Music Group merger, hundred war, and net red economy…… These phenomena all point to a common trend: content ushered in the golden age. 2016, can be called the content of the first year of the internet.

payment, social networking, search, tools, security and other mobile Internet infrastructure has been built, which means that the road repaired, and now need to have a car running on the road. The content is "running the car", which caters to the China consumer environment, people need a better spiritual consumption, content industry, pictures, literature, animation, music, video, news, games, broadcast and other content, just meet people’s spiritual needs of the consumer, they can Everfount production, continuously the consumption of the user’s attention, a lot of business model.

Alibaba was founded, large civic sector Taobao will content as one of the three new direction (the other two are community and local life); the Tencent will pan entertainment content as one of the strategy, information, video, music, literature, animation and other fields have flourished; Baidu financial report also appeared in the "content" two words. In addition to the big company will be when the strategic focus, conditional App also embrace the content industry, UC browser into the information flow, micro-blog canceled limit transformation of content consumption platform, even the mobile phone Taobao, Alipay, pea pods of these tools are also introduced for user consumption content.

"Internet Era", "active users" is no longer the ultimate pursuit of App, on behalf of the "attention consumption when using long" instead, you to Time Killer.

content consumption platform this thing for watercress


watercress 4 revision, and micro-blog road down a little bit of phase

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