How to leveraging 800 billion wedding O2O big market Mobile collaborative standardized

wedding as an important decision category, which is still in the stage of the Internet based information O2O development; before the trading habits have not yet formed, the platform party need information from the perfect structure and service quality to ensure to make double efforts. This article I horse share, author Huang Yuanpu interviews Kennan, the wedding website CEO hi friends COO Lou Yi two senior wedding O2O practitioners, from the current situation and breakthrough point, wedding O2O pain is described.  

wedding O2O three big pain point

for wedding O2O, the industry widespread view is: just need, the market is big, very difficult to chew. O2O said the wedding is just, although not as food is daily, but in the "men and women" China is almost everybody needs. The market can be seen from the following figures: 8 million year China married couples on average every couple spent 100 thousand; the wedding preparations to the wedding to honeymoon wedding, the annual output value is about 800 billion. The wedding O2O is very difficult to embody in the following aspects: the frequency of consumption is low, need to continue to pull new customers, profit pressure; the market scattered, low degree of standardization, integration is difficult; users online trading habits did not develop, the interests of the party to ensure the cost of platform.

wedding O2O low frequency of consumption, the need to constantly pull new customers, this is almost an impossible reality. Whether it’s a wedding or a visit, it takes a lot of money to put in a variety of ads each year. The difference is that there’s a difference between the two. Spend a lot of money users are attracted to the site, the maximum stick users is crucial; network and hi friends are happy to provide the wedding banquet reservation, but are extended to other services, to provide users with one-stop service is the purpose, hope that by extending the industrial chain to maximize the value to users is the purpose behind. A more pessimistic fact is: the current wedding O2O field, the conversion rate of each site is less than 1%, high customer price advantage is low conversion rate eliminated by the disadvantage, profit pressure mountain.

and many other traditional industries, wedding in China, although thousands of years of history, but the market has been very fragmented, low degree of standardization. At present, the large and small wedding service providers and most of them are too many to count, intermediary business, thinking backward, the service level is low; even some large sites provide wedding venues, most of them did not realize the basic information. Such an objective reality, leading to wedding O2O platform on the one hand to integrate service providers difficult, and two is the service docking costs. Moreover, the wedding industry exist some unreasonable regulations, can not rely on the transparency of the Internet to break.

from the user point of view, as the wedding involves a large amount of consumption, users do not want to accept online payment. Although the younger generation is more modern in ideology, in most cases, parents are still the opinion leaders of wedding consumption decisions. Wedding O2O platform lack of funds flow >

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