China’s BuzzFeed micro headlines how to spend billions of dollars to make fun in 6 months

Abstract: "we didn’t want to improve the overall aesthetic or consciousness of the people. We couldn’t do it.". So long as our products bring joy to the user and enhance some people’s sense of humor, we are successful."


last week, Re/code reported that the U.S. interest Information Aggregator website BuzzFeed received $250 million investment, valued at $1 billion 500 million, the investor is the United States NBC global Universal (NBC). However, then, BuzzFeed formally announced that the amount of financing was $200 million. NBC CEO Steve ·, Bahrke (Steve Burke) said: "BuzzFeed has become one of the most creative, most popular and most influential new media company.".

coincidentally, in China, related products and projects are also growing rapidly, and access to user and capital recognition, just completed the A round of micro headlines, is a typical representative. In the domestic existing product types, the lack of information should be, is already one of the Red Sea, new interesting information products to another way? The traditional information and advertising will usher in what new changes? Technology and

content in the end who is more important?

core technology driver interesting content is king

in the domestic information collection, including major news client emerge in an endless stream, the client, today’s headlines, a little information, daily express, and early zaker and so on, which is a typical representative of today’s headlines, through the automatic mining of user interest, user interest information is recommended to the user. The content comes from the traditional news website, blog, UGC website, such as know, wait. Today’s headlines there is no editorial team, the content does not manual intervention, nor do any content of production and processing, all recommended by the algorithm, only content distribution channels. Today’s headlines, in fact, a pure technology company.

, the founder of micro headlines Ryan, seems to have its own core technology is essential. He went to the United States after Zhejiang University undergraduate, Washington University in St.Louis school graduate, after graduating from Silicon Valley’s famous database company OSIsoft, then return to entrepreneurship and alumni Xu Moyuan together, the latter have had many years of experience in the eastern United States investment and IPO. CTO Chen Xin is a famous white hat hackers, the open source community well-known technology you once worked in Ali, many engineers are for the name to join.

in the dozens of people in the team, in addition to several editors, other major engineers, all content and format are highly adapted to mobile terminal equipment. In this process, through the technical means to establish a user’s portrait, including the content type, length of use, user comments, user share, share back traffic, and so on. Among them

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