Some experiences in the construction of local classified information websites

said that the local classified information website has a promising future, but to do well, I think we should pay attention to a few points:

one, select the template. A good website, should make the page to see the feast for the eyes, the most important thing is to facilitate people reading. If the page just looks good, but the content is very messy, not good to read, the estimated number of people will be less and less.

two, for local practice. There are some differences between different places where people need to publish information and want to see it. When we do local classification, we should set up columns, planning page design, and even advertising content, the way we should consider the local economic situation, people’s habits and other factors.

three, advertising delivery. Local classified information sites, it is best to find local advertising. Because advertising alliance has no advantage. Your website is based on local people, mainly logged in. Therefore, the local merchants advertising, local businesses can make small investment, and achieved good results.

four, this is my website, welcome to visit, guide and put forward some valuable suggestions:

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