Taobao zern off contest broadcast fightback on the end of the first month of the game

jointly organized by CEEN and Admin5 zern stationmaster net "2011 zern · world famous shoes Taobao customers to promote competition at the end of the screams in the first game the month! It is the week Yi overlord, week surprises, monthly award competition in the monthly tournament second day countdown is shaking reversal of


staged the "miracle" is Taobao guest "luffi520", he in September 20th to take 9 single, a record single day turnover record! At the same time with a week 11 pen will score this week won the final hegemony, it is beyond the last week, a total score of the top two of the "Yu Qingping 2" "Taobao and VIP media alliance", with the monthly king! Mankind has been unable to stop Taobao zern guest promotion competition climax

!Here’s the

game, and one interesting thing is, "whoever wins the week will be invisible next week."". The darling of the audience last week swept the "Yu Qingping 2" could not continue the momentum, slightly sluggish, only completed turnover of 2 pens, the total score fell to third, created a "luffi520" reversal. I wonder if luffi520 will break the spell next week. Let’s wait and see,


"Taobao VIP media alliance" is called "stable brother" on the list since the week! Since the performance is quite stable and the upward trend this week, smooth turnover of 6 pens! In the total score for catch is caught up with "Yu Qingping 2", can not think of the way out "luffi520", the total score ranking second.

The successful conclusion of the first match

month, the organizers will conduct a comprehensive and fair performance audit, "monthly Award", "one share award" and "first prize" of the final results will be announced in October 8th. Since September 22nd, the second game month has also kicked off. What surprises will the Taobao guests bring to you?


[Mr. policy] has something to say,

(invited our professional judge, Mr. policy, commented on the performance of the contestants in the past week.


this week is the best performance since the opening of the week, saw the volume of the Taobao railway station is also the most. We all worked hard, we saw a lot of friends of the station to "zern, zern shoes " in a short period of time; these keywords in Baidu ranking, but this week, many of the original ranking good station has not, can have a few characteristics to stabilize the continued increase in the original station: the article and the chain, this is good, I also have a little worried is SEO somewhat over these stations, plus the API interface will be more, but as long as the original content continues to increase, well within the station connection, do the layout of the station between the chain keep steadily after the domain name weight pulled, I believe there will be much of a problem.

The last time I talked about

before we do this zern Taobao station no >

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