Exchange new station keyword positioning and mining

we decided to do a website, the first thing to consider is the site location, then according to the position to set the keyword of the website keywords; it is divided into two categories, the core keyword is the target keywords and long tail keywords; we locate a web site to identify the core keywords theme to highlight the core keywords; the website, web page layout as a keyword, usually choose the most frequently used words for some users. The long tail keyword is the keyword that users search for all the keyword except the target keyword.

How does

locate keywords


1, selected brand keywords, set up the brand image; to facilitate the transformation of the flow, give you a few examples, such as the A5 station network, A5 station network the word A5 is inside the core brand keywords, keywords it is webmaster nets, let a person look very eye-catching, know the net station is what is difference the repeatability and other sites; for example, Dangyang hotline (, the core keyword is Dangyang, hotline is the brand positioning of it, let people know that it is a gateway to the nature of the site, select brand keywords brief note words.

2, by choosing valid keywords, we can infer the proper search words by reasoning. Through Baidu search box to find the relevant keywords, from the site product characteristics, categories, user groups to expand.



1, how to determine what is the core of your web site keywords, is to locate the effective keywords of the website; that is, the effective core Keywords: big flow, big competition, conversion efficiency bottom. Effective long tail keywords, that is, high conversion efficiency, low competition rate, great potential for excavation. Enhance the flow of the site, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the conversion rate, no traffic conversion rate,

2, the selection of key words, we can use the SEO keyword analysis tools, such as after word tools:; Google Webmaster Tools:; Baidu Promotion Assistant:; after the registration of these tools are free to use; below is after word tools free version of the screenshot:


keyword is quantified later, clear and intuitive, very helpful to our choice!


3, traffic prediction and develop, can use two methods: first, according to Google map click on the page analysis compare your home page for the click ratio, according to a Google keyword flow analysis to many months, Google click on the "F" type distribution map. Second, through the world ranking query website inquiries, the main keywords flow. Can query the world rankings of websites and domestic rankings, as well as some popular web sites, keywords, traffic, and so on

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