Electricity supplier operators high end customers to the poor assessment how to break

the purpose of this paper is to help solve the electricity supplier operating high-end customers of the bad review, including five parts: the definition of high-end customers, high-end customer characteristics, high-end customers evaluation characteristics, high-end customers the bad review process, solve the high-end customer the difference in assessment practice way. If you are a novice in the industry, it is recommended to read from the first part. If you are a veteran of the industry, it is recommended to start with the third part.

the purpose of my writing is to share the practical experience and suggestions of the electricity supplier industry. The reading time of the whole article is 4-6 minutes.

Definition of

1 high-end customers

the high-end customers only refers to the electronic business platform to buy high price products for customers, the shop is not through the positioning of the part of the customer to go low, improve store rankings, but through a single commodity sales price higher, earn higher profits. Compared with the ordinary customers, high-end customers are significantly different in purchasing psychology and behavior on the part of customers usually have strong consumption ability, strong brand awareness, higher education level, more rational purchase behavior and other characteristics, and the customer’s choice of purchase channels tend to Tmall and Jingdong etc. genuine platform.

2 high-end customer features

mentioned the difference between high-end customers and regular customers, and here are some of the salient differences between high-end customers.

is less sensitive to price, and more sensitive to purchase experience;

high-end customers usually have higher spending power, so the brand awareness is stronger when buying goods, and the price is not the primary factor in the purchase decision. At the same time, high-end customers for the overall product and purchase experience more sensitive, more care about the details of the product purchase process experience, which is part of the electricity supplier boss said "difficult to serve."".

level of education, personal quality is high, easy to communicate and negotiate;

high-end customers because of its strong consumption capacity, the overall quality of higher education, so when problems arise, compared to ordinary consumers, is a good communication and negotiation, businesses should not communicate or negotiate fear and high-end customers.

the higher the unit price of the goods, the higher the expectation of the product;

because high-end customers pay higher prices when buying products, they also have higher expectations for products. From shipping, logistics, packaging, performance, design, technology, quality, customer service and so on, businesses need to have the entire process chain of thinking, in whole process of product experience thinking, rather than just that provides high quality and inexpensive goods on the Everything will be fine.

purchasing evaluation is more rational and has a significant impact on potential user purchase decisions;

is different from ordinary customers and tends to extreme evaluation, because the level of education of high-end users is higher

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