Webmaster friends is your space garbage

but I mediocre customers without what is already 2 years, didn’t stand, many ideas have become obsolete, to keep up with the rhythm now, but I found that taking more and more IDC companies, and the basic price is very cheap.

said 1G, 1G double line, IIS, CPU traffic, giving 100-200M database and so on, many are not limited, and the price is in the majority of 50-200 yuan.

the couple is very ideal, cheap space, fewer restrictions, more free, but you thought of the quality, some configuration or restrictions about the same, why more than 400 yuan or 300 yuan per 1G? N M? This is not going away. You see?

because I can get it for more than 100 bucks, there’s no need to spend more than a few times to buy the same thing".

here I for space and space business agent speak, they also want to give you some stable price space and can accept, because it can make them have a better reputation spread in the network, because the company is increasing, in order to survive, in the premise of improving itself may also reduce some of the price. What are their profits?

Of course

is part of the profiteers, for this who can’t teach, can only rely on their own experience to judge.

recently I searched for any space company, and bad reviews accounted for more than 80% of the overall reviews, and few of them had good reputation on the internet. Why? Some friends because of an atmosphere assessment has inform other people to reduce their psychological or stuffy dry hair on the net is evil, or peer fighting each other, often also have on the service and quality.

you don’t taking in unprovoked insult space, because the space you simply buy is not cost-effective, said direct point is more than 100 dollars, 200 dollars you can buy a good space, I do not mean there is no good but you have too little.

suddenly under the pen words, write this, finally please, for your station to spend a little money, less cursing, pure about the internet.

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