Use Baidu know to do information promotion ranking skills

Baidu know promotion is a platform for the promotion of many owners will not let go, because he is the first Baidu’s products, take advantage of second; it is an indispensable platform for website promotion of the inquiry platform in third is; this is a rather old platform, itself also has the very high weight.

The weight of

Baidu know is self-evident, but also do network promotion work friends have found that Baidu know information search page in BD tend to have a good ranking, if the words heat is not very hot, the home is not all some level of the domain name of the site, then the general search page will have a I know the position of Baidu, and the ranking will be in front. The following is a screenshot of the top four in search of "downsizing":

As you can see from the

diagram, the first is the information Baidu knows, and the fourth is a big place Baidu knows. Baidu know there is such a strong advantage, if some friends did not create a website, want to make their services, product information, contact the Baidu home page, to let more people know, you can use Baidu know this strong position.

Baidu know similar information page many, want to do information promotion ranking on the home page, also to comply with the Baidu search engine optimization principle. In the snapshot included in the web page, the title and description section contain keyword and service information as much as possible, and keyword stacking can be used when necessary.

with Baidu know to do information promotion friends, most of them want to appear in the title and description part of their services, product information, contact information and other important content. The keyword and service content in the title is very easy. It’s OK to write the relevant content in the question, but the content of the web page description is uncertain. After a small series of research found that Baidu know the pages of the snapshot date and description of the changes are as follows:

1, submit a new question, zero answer, page as snapshot of the day (snapshot page description, no problem related content)

2, someone answers the first floor, the snapshot date may be updated once (snapshot page description section includes the previous floor answer content)

3, and then people answer with Lou, Baidu according to the mood, update the snapshot date (description part included in front floor answer content)

4, problem solving, Baidu may update a snapshot (snapshot page description section or include the previous floor, or the best answer.


5, keep on top, Baidu may update the snapshot date again (snapshot page description section or include the previous floor, or the best answer.


believe that three friends just know in Baidu find a query can understand the problem, solve the problem of "after two after the snapshot description part are many, in this small series will give you a look at the problem.

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