The success of a novice as a station

sometimes the reason is very simple, we see it and do stand complex, too, in fact, the most simple truth is unremittingly, I see in the webmaster online and many webmaster mentioned this, truly understand this and to do so, I believe that your site will do well, although the moderator part-time network I in the eyes of many webmaster and garbage, but always have its value of a website, today I understand to do the hard truth website, we also insist on it. Believe your station will shine,

people are always Xixinyanjiu, treat the network’s attitude is the same, there are a few people can persist? There are a few people still use e-mail first? QQ or MSN? There are a few people do not have many of the ID on the BBS? Is your most love website, not from the beginning of the to tread on air to the later development of flat and uninteresting, can occasionally think to find old favorites from the web site to see, is very nostalgic. Remember the first Q talk to you people? Remember the strange friend BBS first back to your post? Remember the first letter of Email who sent you received your first letter Email? And to whom? I don’t remember? Think carefully, in addition to the Internet outside, your online things almost no what to persevere, not


and I have almost not remember the original network experience, but I know who have helped my friends name, strange, or have been very enthusiastic chat friends, their Internet gave great help to me this rookie society, they are my network of enlightenment. Basically I did not encounter the wicked not Hector people on the Internet, not encountered in news reports written by a liar, I think this is good luck. Even some propaganda "XX power" or internet porn film strangers, but also more polite to harass me, to ask me to say "Hello, can I talk to you?" I said, usually in no time, they will be very polite to say that I am free to this web site. See it, then I will never leave a look inside the site disappeared, as evaporation, save I will drag them into the blacklist.

personal website and blog is like a piece of private plots, their own cultivation, planting. Encounter common language, we communicate, but I do not imagine some people like to hype it, click rate does not mean anything. There is no reason why, I will insist on writing five articles a week, double cease. MSN’s personal website and blog insist for a long time, because the plot is difficult to enter, so I finally gave up. QQ on the Q-ZONE space are often unable to enter, when you want to write about hands itch or something, it is a face to you: the system is temporarily unable to join, please try again later. So I gave it up, too. I remember my first email is, hand out of nostalgia mood, on the one hand to see many bigwigs have opened up a personal website and blog in it, more of a good shade tree.

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