Talk about the webmaster must understand the future development strategy of Baidu success several fa

Baidu search engine is faced with hitherto unknown pressure before June of this year, only part of station changhen part of the webmaster think their website does not have good rankings so I hate Baidu, and that it is only partial, since the beginning of June to the present, basically is ninety-five percent of all hate Baidu, because Baidu does not play by the rules don’t play by the rules, so stand changhen why Baidu’s stock price continued to rise, the rapid development of the business of Baidu


because Baidu is convenient, convenient and affordable, thousands of households

The rise of Baidu

and hao123 should be related to this website, I remember I know Baidu is hao123 from the understanding of the site began, so a simple web site navigation will attract a lot of people including the eyes, I was attracted. Compared to the current search engine, Baidu is the biggest attraction for users, because Baidu convenient and affordable, we need what will often think of Baidu, this is Baidu’s success. When I was in junior high school, I would use Baidu’s music to listen to songs. When I was in college, I would use Baidu to ask questions. I think it was because of Baidu’s convenience that it constantly gained the support of new users.

us: we are running their own website, whether you can also make your own website easier? For example, I now do a test site, I will cancel the membership yesterday download function, as long as the user enters my website can download any resources, at the time I think: if I give the user more convenient, users will not help me free publicity? Then they thought of exam information where to find is not the first time you come to my free


because Baidu innovation, so users get happy

search engine Baidu in China has more than ten years, in this decade Baidu search engine is constantly innovation, from a small company had now also developed the Baidu cloud operating system, it can be said that Baidu is in continuous innovation to grow, when Baidu dare to spend millions to buy hao123, the how big is the pride, why Google was not to buy, I think innovation is not enough, while Baidu is in this great innovation continuously to the success of Baidu, Baidu, innovation Post Bar Baidu library, Baidu pictures and so on, it makes more and more user satisfaction.

revelation: innovation is an eternal topic, industry websites have different innovation in different methods, and the innovation for us ordinary webmaster we can do is based on the current basis for the development of new services, such as my exam site, I have taken the method of innovation is constantly to meet the needs of users, users must before the additional registration when the landing site, and now I opened a QQ account login, isn’t this a kind of innovation


because Baidu sincerity, so users feel good faith

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